Services & Prices


Integrative Holistic Session

This integrative session will incorporate any and all modalities to assist you in your healing. Including spiritual direction, psychic/medium, energy healing, Theta Healing and much more. Using her gifts as a psychic/medium you ask questions for clarity on your path. Communicate with spirits to gain knowledge and support. Breaking paradigms through Theta Healing, and clearing your chakras and auras with energy healing. This session is meant to provide peace of mind and calming affirmation in regards to your life. As well as work through any negative energy or past trauma you struggle with.

Intuitive Energy Healing

In this session 4 modalities of energy healing; Reiki, Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing, Theta Healing, and Munay Ki will be utilized as needed. Hands on or hovering over the body, moving energy, balancing and energizing the chakras. While cleansing and rejuvenating the auric field. It’s the process of charging and clearing the auras and chakras with Light. Energy is channeled into the body in progressive steps.

Space Cleansing

Clearing a space or home room by room of negative energy, and even spirits who haven’t moved on. To better have your home and life in balance and harmony. Any space you spend a lot of time in could need cleansing; house, apartment, office, even your car.

Guided Meditation

Being mindful of your breathing, while going into a meditative state. Lily talks you through a meditation towards relaxation and self discovery in a safe and healing environment. Two of the diverse forms of meditation are; Animal Totem (going into the 7 major chakras and meeting the animals that reside in each. Discovering the messages and wisdom they have for you.) and ART (Alignment Resonance Technique, is going into your soul, finding where it is frozen in trauma and release it. This enables you to move on painlessly with your life).


Lily will come to your party/event. Your guests will get the opportunity to receive a private psychic/medium reading. They will get the chance to ask questions about any aspect of their life. It’s a fun and unique experience, that provides conversation for the rest of the night. The readings are $2/min and the hostess gets 50% off their reading. Event charge is $100-200 depending on location. 

Microcurrent (General)

Gentle electrical current, that matches your body’s own natural current to help in healing physical, mental and emotional ailments.

Microcurrent Facial

Using microcurrent tools to gently massage the face while an electrical current removes fine lines and wrinkles, increasing vitality. This treatment is great for rejuvenation and lymphatic drainage. At the end of the session your skin will have a radiant glow.

Active Microcurrent

Incorporates gentle muscle work with microcurrent, this technique uses light pressure that matches the tension in the body. With the assistance of microcurrent tools to effectively run the current deeper in your body, providing an extensive healing.

Rainbow Session

Using aromatherapy and energy healing


At the end of the session there is an opportunity to ask questions and provide clarity on any aspect of your life. Any intuition or sacred messages that come through during the session are discussed to better help you on your path.This add on can be used with the Intuitive Energy Healing, Space Cleansing, and Guided Meditation.

With Lily’s assistance choose up to 3 essential oils to use during your treatment. Applications will be in a diffuser, hot towel and directly on skin for maximum effectiveness in healing your body and soul. This add on can be used with any service.

Oracle Cards
At the end of your session draw a card from a healing stones oracle deck to see which healing stone and properties you need in your life in the present moment. This add on can be used with any service.

Jade/Rose Quartz face roller
Face rollers improves circulation, diminishes sinus congestion, and aids in lymphatic drainage. Jade assists with prosperity and wellbeing, while having an uplifting effect. Rose quartz has a calming effect and assists with self love and brings inner peace. This add on can be used with any service.


Balance Yin/Yang

Yin is the feminine energy and Yang is the masculine energy. Keeping them balanced and in harmony is essential for spiritual health.

In this class you will learn exactly what Yin and Yang represents. The meditation will go into your subconscious to discover and get familiar with your own Yin and Yang energy. Exploring what you need to make both energies thrive and how they best live in harmony together.

After there will be an opportunity journal your experience. Ending with a Psychic Q&A to help provide clarity.

Meet Your Inner Goddess

Meet and get acquainted with your inner Goddess through a guided meditation. Awakening the inner power of your Goddess. Discern when you are receiving messages from your Goddess. There will be an opportunity to journal about your experience after the meditation. Then the chance for a psychic Q&A to present clarity to the meditation.

Discover Your Inner Masculine

Meet and get acquainted with your inner masculine through guided meditation. Awakening the inner power and awareness of your masculine. Discern when you are receiving messages from your masculine. There will be an opportunity to journal about your experience after the meditation. Then the chance to ask for clarity with a psychic Q&A.

House of the Soul

The soul can be viewed as a house, each room signifying a different aspect of your soul, and your life. In this meditation we will go through the house of your soul learning more about yourself, whether your life is in balance, what needs to be repaired and what needs to be let go of.

After there will be a chance to journal your experience. Ending with a Psychic Q&A

Let Your Inner Child Play

We all have a child inside us yearning for attention and affection. Through guided meditation meet your inner child and learn what makes them unique and how to play with them. Become exhilarated with your own childlike wonder again. After there will be a chance to journal your experience. Ending with a Psychic Q&A

Manifest Prosperity and Abundance

Manifesting prosperity and bringing abundance into your life is a goal everyone has. In this class we will discuss how to bring prosperity into our lives and what is holding us back from abundance. Learn what techniques, symbols, and talismans to help create what you want in your life. There will be a short meditation and the class will end with a Psychic Q&A.

Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit

Come experience balance and calm with the trinity of mind, body and spirit. Walk through how these parts of you interact and depend on each other in your unique life in meditation.

After the meditation there will be a chance to journal about your experience and a psychic Q&A.

Awakening Self Love

Self love is often overlooked and yes is one of the most important forms of love. It is the foundation that all love builds from. Through guided meditation discover how you feel about loving yourself and what actions allow your self love to grow. There will be an opportunity journal about your unique experience after the mediation. Then the chance for a psychic Q&A to provide clarity to the meditation.

Meet Your Spirit Guide

Have you ever wondered who has your back? Who you can turn to when there is no one? We all have Spirit Guides who are there to help us support us and protect us. Come and learn more about them. Through guided meditation meet one of your own spirit guides. There will be an opportunity to journal your experience, followed by a psychic Q&A after the meditation.

Animal Spirit Guide / Patronus

Animals are full of wisdom and guidance and have sacred messages waiting to be heard. Through guided meditation discover which animal guide lives inside your soul and get to know them so they can help you on your path. After there will be an opportunity to journal your experience. Ending with a Psychic Q&A.

Physical Healing

Come and experience the healing power of meditation.

A short class at the beginning will help explain how spirituality and meditation can help with physical ailments.

As an example the meditation will center around back pain. Going into your body and discovering why and where your pain comes from.

There will be a chance to journal about your unique experience and psychic Q&A available to provide clarity on your meditation.

Rejuvenate Meditation

As summer comes into full swing it’s time to take care of You. When the temperature rises so does the need to rejuvenate and replenish your energy. Come cool down and experience relaxation with meditation. Taking you deep into your subconscious to get the rest your body needs this sunny season.

There will be a chance to journal about your unique experience and psychic Q&A available to provide clarity on your meditation.


Chakras 101

Chakras are energy centers in the body. In this class you will learn about the 7 main chakras that go up the spine Also how they physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually are intertwined and effect your life. There will be a short meditation going into each of the 7 chakras giving you the opportunity to feel your own unique energy in each.

Intro to Healing Stones

There is a vast and wonderful world of healing stones and crystals all with different appearances and unique qualities that assist with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. In this class you will learn the basic healing characteristics of 20 different stones. As well as what specific shapes mean and how that will help you on your path. Experience the process of choosing the perfect stone for you with a hands on exercise. There are hundreds of stones to aid you in your life, the possibilities are endless.

Experiencing Auras

What is an aura? Why are they important? Come learn these answers and much more. In class you will experience seeing and feeling auras through various exercises. Feel where one stops and another begins as well as how an aura changes with emotion and intention.

Foundation of Spiritual Health

Building a solid foundation is essential for your spiritual health. To do this you must first learn how to ground and centered in yourself. The next step is a basic knowledge of protection, shielding and warding. In this class you will learn exercises and techniques for each of these key aspects of your spiritual life.

Discovering Spiritual Gifts

Everyone is blessed with gifts and abilities. Come discover the different kinds of gifts and learn which you possess. We will talk about everything from seeing auras and clairvoyance to intuition and mediumship. Then an opportunity to learn and experience your gifts in a safe and sacred space. The Universe speaks to each of us in a unique way.

Psychic Development

Learn and practice how to tap into your spiritual gifts and awaken your inner knowing through psychic exercises and techniques that help you become more aware of and hone your intuition. This class is hands on and will involve reading the energy of an object and using intuition in one-on-one discussions with classmates. Please bring a personal object for the exercise.

Sending Blessings and Receiving Sacred Messages

Learn how to send positive energy and blessings to help people and manifest positivity. We all receive sacred messages. This is class is designed to help you discern the messages you receive and where they come from. Through guided meditation learn what it feels like to receive a sacred message and how to tap into it at any time. Gain knowledge on who your messages come from and where.

Breaking Paradigms and Defense Mechanisms

Defense mechanisms can be helpful and healthy but they can also be destructive. In this class you will learn why you develop defense mechanisms and how to change them to help you on your path to a productive and healthy life. Also learn what a paradigm is, why it is important to break them, and how. This class includes an exercise to assist in identifying defense mechanisms and paradigms.

Basics of Meditations and Experiencing Mindfulness

Many people struggle with meditation and staying in the present moment. In this class you will attain different skills to keep you in the present moment and get the most out of your meditations. As part of being in the present moment you will learn to experience life through all 5 senses. There will be several exercises throughout the class to help you master these new life skills.

Energetic Cording

Energetic cording is something everybody does, sometimes intentional and sometimes not. It is the feeling of being connected to someone or drained by them. In this class you will learn what exactly energetic cording is, which ones are healthy and which ones cause imbalance and need to be released. You will also learn how to disconnect or decord energy, and heal as to not have it happen again. An exercise will be provided at the end of class to experience decording.

Transcending Trauma

Explore how holistic psychotherapy and energy healing can guide you in your continued journey to transcend the impact of trauma. Join Fran Bieganek, MS, LP/Holistic Integrative Psychotherapist and Lily McNamara, Holistic Practitioner/Intuitive Energy Healer for this growth-oriented experience!

Meditations & Classes Coming Soon

Walking Meditation

Gratitude Meditation

Let It Go Meditation

Embracing the Elements Meditation

Processing Pain PTSD class and meditation

Discernment and Empath Class

Services Pricing Table

Spiritual Direction: $150/Hour

Guided Meditation: $150/Hour

Integrative Energy Healing: $150/Hour

House Cleansing: $150/Hour

Rainbow Session $150/Session

Parties/Events: $100-200 base (varies by distance to location)

Microcurrent: $100/Hour

Microcurrent: $50/30 Min

Add Ons

Psychic/Mediumship ($10)

Aromatherapy ($10)

Oracle Cards (Free)

Jade/Rose Quartz face roller ($10)

Package Pricing Table

Spiritual Direction / Integrated Holistic / Psychic. Medium / Guided Meditation

3: $400 (10% off)

6: $765 (15% off)

10: $1,200 (20%)

Intuitive Energy Healing / Reiki

3: $200 (10% off)

6: $380 (15% off)

10: $600 (20% off)

Microcurrent Facial 60 Min

3: $210 (20% off)

6: $380 (30% off)

Microcurrent Facial 30 Min

3: $120 (30% off)

6: $210 (40% off)