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Helping People Heal & Be Holistic Heroes

I offer services and events to help you on your spiritual path. I hold space for you to explore and embrace your authentic self. You will discover a genuine connection with self and others. All experiences are completely customized to fit your life in the present moment. Are you ready to infuse zest for life into deep healing? Get your sparkle back and be the hero of your own story!

Holistic Practitioner & Psychic Spiritual Advisor

Lily McNamara

Lily offers services and events to help people be a holistic hero. They have been a Holistic Practitioner for the past 20 years. They are a psychic/medium certified in the art of energy healing including Reiki, as well as trained in guided meditation, past life work, tarot and more. Trained in over a dozen techniques from around the world. Helping people rock their authentic selves while being the hero of their own story.

Our Features

What Made Us Special

Lily of the Light specializes in one of a kind customized services.

Membership to Holistic Heroes

Are you committed to be the hero of your own story. Then membership is for you! Monthly access to exclusive services and elite resources to accelerate your healing and spiritual progress.


Psychic Circle Parties

Have the most memorable party or girls night, by having Lily do tarot and psychic/medium readings for everyone!

Virtual and In Person options available


Rainbow Session

This session is the product of 20 years of helping people all rolled into one session. Tarot for clarity, reiki for energy balance, gentle body work and aromatherapy for relaxation. End with psychic/mediumship for healing and spiritual awakening.

EMAIL lily@lilyofthelight


What else is offered?

There's more awesomeness ahead!


  • Spiritual Advisor

  • Tarot

  • Psychic

  • Mediumship

  • Guided Meditation

  • Space/House Cleansing

  • Past Life Work

  • Mentorship and Training

  • Animal Healing/Communication

  • Kids Services/Mentorship

Samhain Symposium

Lily of the Light proudly presents our annual Samhain Symposium. Join us for a full day of workshops with a sprinkle of spirituality, a psychic gallery, outdoor ritual. There will also be a unique mix of vendors, readers and healers. And don’t forget there will be psychic mediums present delivering messages from the Universe and lost loved ones during the gallery reading. The focus will be on sharing knowledge and building up the community in a supportive quirky environment. So don’t miss this spiritual Samhain Symposium!

Virtual Sessions

Lily of the Light services are almost exclusively virtual. All of the spiritual services Lily provides can be done remotely, over Zoom or the phone for your convenience.

If you are crunched for time email your psychic/medium questions to

Receive clarity to your life’s path. An invoice will be sent, upon receiving payment a response to your questions will be provided.

Your Authentic Life Awaits!

Important things to know

What to Expect

During our first session together I will explain the services you will receive. To be most effective and enjoyable for you, I urge to come in with an open mind void of any preconceived notions of what to expect.
I cater every service to your soul’s unique needs at the time.
My goal of our time together is to calm and rejuvenate you while helping your work through any blocks and trauma in a safe and healing manner.

In Person sessions are located in a healing space in Minneapolis, MN.

Why Choose....

Spiritual/Energy Work can assist with spiritual, emotional, mental and even physical health. All four affect each other, a spiritual blockage can manifest physically as pain or congestion. It is essential to find the root of the problem and heal from there, instead of treating the symptoms. Some of the benefits of energy work; relieves stress and anxiety, allows you to become balanced giving you the opportunity to process and release grief and energy patterns that no longer serve you. It can even help you work through the spiritual side effects of PTSD. Spiritual/Energy work has the ability to make you feel rested, and at peace, as well as calm and confident on your path. Other benefits are to relaxed, clear headed and motivated.

Honor Your Path and Process

Every soul is different, every soul is unique in their needs to heal, move forward and manifest abundance in their life. Embrace your true individuality as you journey through life.

There are many facets to spirituality and countless paths you can take. It can be hard to know where to start or what to do next.

Lily offers completely customized sessions and services to guarantee a one of a kind experience, while catering to your soul's needs.

Free workbook

Jumpstart your spiritual journey

This completely FREE 8 page workbook includes a self care check list, journal prompts, grounding meditation and more! To ensure you're on the right track towards being the hero of your own story.



Abbey M.

Reiki/Energy, Psychic/Medium services

Lily is an incredibly gifted teacher and healer. I have received guidance and energy work from her on several occasions. I am always impressed by her professionalism and passion for her work. I would recommend Lily for anyone seeking spiritual guidance and energy work. 


Hope Z

Tarot Reading

This isn't about predicting the future. This is about knowing who you are and affirming who you are. Everyone should have their cards read by Lily, professional, sweet and spot on. 100% a new client here!


Christina M.

Tarot Reading

I had the luxury of sitting in on a reading that was being filmed for a TV show that Lily will be featured on, Season 5 of the Blox. The flow of the tarot reading from beginning to end was swift, uplifting and informative. The participant confirmed the reading as; something she was indeed working on in her life, and she was thankful for the affirmation. I can't wait to get my reading now.


Tiffany R.

Tarot Reading

Lily shared the most authentic and comfortable tarot reading I have ever had. I felt so connected to both her and her reading from the minute we started chatting. She was so easy to talk to and gives off such a friendly and grounded energy. I highly recommend connecting with Lily on any of her services, you won’t regret it.


Karen V.

Reiki, Psychic/Mediumship, Tarot, Animal Services

I have seen Lily for years and have always been so pleased with her abilities. She is extremely talented, whether she is leading a meditation on learning about your animal totems, (which is truly amazing) or if she is moving your energy. (I have felt blockages dissolve like melting butter.) She helped me connect with loved ones who have passed and brought a much greater understanding to my relationship with those loved ones.

I would highly recommend Lily for any type of energy work.


Suzi M.

Rainbow Session

Rainbow Session with Lily is beyond words ~ as the “old” saying goes “Calgon take me away “ , I’d say “Rainbow Session take me away!”  This session, with its essential oils/ energy movement and on your feet and back is relaxing, rejuvenating and has a way of simply taking you away… away from stress, away from expectations and chaos (either external or internal) and into celebrating and connecting with your glorious Self. I am sure to have another session soon!!! Oodles of thx, Lily , for sharing your expertise and talent!

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