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About Lily

Lily McNamara is an Intuitive Energy Worker and has been a Holistic Practitioner for the past 15 years. Her passion and life’s purpose is to help people on their sacred path. She is a psychic/medium certified in the art of energy healing including Reiki, as well as trained in guided meditation, life coaching and counseling.


Integrative Holistic Session, Intuitive Energy Healing, Space Cleansing, Guided Meditation, Parties/Events, Rainbow Session, and more.


Balance Yin/Yang, Meet Your Inner Goddess / Masculine, House of the Soul, Let Your Inner Child Play, Ending with a Psychic Q&A, Manifest Prosperity and Abundance, Balance of Mind Body Spirit, Awakening Self Love, Meet your Spirit Guide, Animal Spirit Guide/Patronus, Physical Healing, Rejuvenate Meditation


Chakras 101, Intro to Healing Stones, Experiencing Auras, Foundation of Spiritual Health, Discovering Spiritual Gifts, Psychic Development, Energetic Cording, Transcending Trauma, and more.
Every soul is different, every soul is unique in their needs to heal, move forward and manifest abundance in their life. Embrace your true individuality as you journey through life.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”


“I have done a lot of work with Lily. One of my favorite sessions was the Animal Totem. The experience was eye opening and extremely insightful. I have been able to utilize what I learn in my everyday life.”

– Sarah W. 26, Eden Prairie MN –

What to Expect

In Person sessions are located in a healing space in Brooklyn Center, MN.

During our first session together I will explain the services you will receive. To be most effective and enjoyable for you, I urge to come in with an open mind void of any preconceived notions of what to expect.

I cater every service to your soul’s unique needs at the time.

My goal of our time together is to calm and rejuvenate you while helping your work through any blocks and trauma in a safe and healing manner.

Why Choose Spiritual/Intuitive Energy Healing

Spiritual/Energy Work can assist with spiritual, emotional, mental and even physical health. All four affect each other, a spiritual blockage can manifest physically as pain or congestion. It is essential to find the root of the problem and heal from there, instead of treating the symptoms. Some of the benefits of energy work; relieves stress and anxiety, allows you to become balanced giving you the opportunity to process and release grief and energy patterns that no longer serve you. It can even help you work through the spiritual side effects of PTSD. Spiritual/Energy work has the ability to make you feel rested, and at peace, as well as calm and confident on your path. Other benefits are to relaxed, clear headed and motivated.

Remote Sessions

All of the spiritual services Lily provides can be done remotely, over the phone or video for your convenience.
If you are crunched for time email your psychic/medium questions to Receive clarity to your life’s path. An invoice will be sent, upon receiving payment a response to your questions will be provided.

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