A question that is asked a lot is, “How do I manifest?” This is an essential part of understanding manifestation and energy in general. Just as important, though rarely talked about is, what NOT to do. Many people avoid this topic because it makes them feel bad or they start to judge themselves. Not here, this is a judgment free zone! The goal is to have gentle curiosity to assist you in better manifesting the life you want. We will touch on the 3 big mistakes and misunderstandings that people make with manifesting. Everyone does these at some point. There is no shame, just learning opportunities. 

The first biff we will discuss is what I call manifesting from ego, or toxic manifesting. This is the hardest and most uncomfortable one for most people, so we are getting it done first. This is when people think and truly believe they are manifesting for their highest good and from their highest self but in fact are doing it from a lower vibration usually out of manipulation. This is also when you try and force something into reality instead of allowing it into reality. It’s like a vice grip, the Universe can’t bless you with abundance if you have a stranglehold on the energy. It should be that the Universe puts something in your path instead of you forcing it to happen. Here is a quick general example: complaining loudly to everyone around you until someone does something for you or gives you something. You have to take responsibility for your energy. Authentic manifestation will flow freely and easily. This toxic style is exhausting and takes so much work, effort and is even stressful, like a constant uphill battle to get what you want. 

Manifesting and manipulation are completely different things, that have different energies and even if sometimes achieve the same result, manipulation isn’t a healthy way to live or manifest. Remember no shame or blame here, only gentle curiosity. With this mistake people will ask, “How will I know if I’m manifesting from my ego?” Answer: through gentle curiosity and asking yourself, “Was this a gift from the Universe or taken from someone else?” Look Where the energy/manifestation is coming from, is it from a victim mentality or entitlement, is it exhausting, manipulating or not feeling good enough or worthy so you have to trick people into getting something, or feel you have to trick people into thinking you are worthy of getting that thing. Next step is to ask, “How do I change it?” Answer: by being honest with yourself, examining the patterns you’ve instilled in yourself, through your upbringing, or situations that caused this to be the only way for you to get something. Break the paradigms and slowly shift to true manifesting. This can come from victim mentality or feeling entitled like the world and other people owe you something. You can’t depend on others to manifest what you need. Trust in the Universe to provide. 

The second mistake has to do with overlooking or forgetting that manifesting in an All-in process. There are usually 3 steps to getting to all levels, hoping, believing and knowing. Feel, believe, Know and act like it’s already happened is the ideal way to manifest. It must be instilled on all levels of your being to be effective. The first step people go through is the hoping phase, or as I call it the Santa Phase. “Please Santa get me that new client, please!” This phase actually comes from a place of fear, fear that it, whatever it is, won’t happen. A sense of panic and desperation because it’s not here yet. Wondering what else you can do. When doing this you come from a place of lack, not a place of abundance. Second phase is belief, believing it’s going to happen. Trust in the Universe to provide while doing manifestation practices of grids, mantras, affirmations, visualizations and such. This is a phase of faith which is a higher vibration than hope and still not quite where we want to manifest from. Last phase is the goal of where to manifest from, knowing. This isn’t arrogant, cocky or egotistical feeling. It’s Knowing the manifestation will happen with every cell in your body, mind and spirit. The energy will simply flow and abundance will come. A place of peace and calm confidence in yourself and the Universe. You are going with the flow of the river of prosperity. Letting the Universe guide you to what you truly need on your path, with no force or resistance. 

The last mistake is possibly my favorite to talk about in person and classes because I get to make animated faces. It’s manifesting from the wrong place. Or wrong place, wrong time as I like to call it. Attitude is everything with this one. Many people, when they start their journey of actively manifesting will attempt to do it anytime and anywhere, not a good idea. When you manifest from anger, sadness, desperation, you aren’t going to be manifesting something positive into your life. However expecting to jump from crying or screaming to blissful happiness in 2 seconds is not only unrealistic but a toxic view on emotions. What you focus on and emit into the Universe is what you attract. You need to be an energetic match to manifest something. This isn’t the fake it til you make it mentality or trick yourself into a different energy/emotion. To manifest it needs to be your authentic self with an authentic emotion and mindset completely instilled into your soul. This is all about baby steps. Be honest with yourself about where you are and what you are feeling in the present moment. Admit if you are angry about XYZ, or disappointed something didn’t go the way you thought or wanted. Then look around and notice what IS going right and the positivity you are experiencing. Size doesn’t matter, no matter how big or small you are simply noticing positivity and showing gratitude for it. With this mistake people don’t move through the emotions and mindset. Here is a practice to try at home. If you are starting from anger, move to mildly annoyed if you can’t experience this, then think of something that mildly annoyed you instead of angered you, your energy will adjust with the memory. Then move to neutral or content again if you can’t achieve it in the present moment think of a memory to assist you in the energy shift. Then to slightly amused following the same steps and ending at excitement and/or joy. It’s way easier to move through smaller steps than to jump to excitement. Once in excitement or joy you start to manifest, but not before. Remember you manifest from where you are in the moment, so if you are angry you will manifest situations that cause more anger. 

Manifesting is meant to be easy and not cause stress. When you have a solid foundation and follow the rules of the Universe manifesting becomes not only manageable but enjoyable and fulfilling. The above information is based on a discussion with Confidence Coach, Jana Corinne. Remember as you learn to manifest to come from a place of gentle curiosity, taking judgment and shame out of the equation completely. Those thoughts and feelings will only hold back your potential for prosperity. I hope this blog had useful information to assist you in manifesting with ease. Continue moving forward and see what the Universe brings your way!

Check out my YouTube video with Jana Corinne as we delve into Manifesting Mistakes.