In an ever chaotic world it is essential to stay grounded. Being grounded means, being calm and at peace in the present moment, also being sure of yourself on your path. These exercises are meant to help you achieve a feeling of being grounded. They are made to be done anywhere at any time you feel you need to be more grounded. 

1.Physical Sensation

Rub the bottoms of your, preferably bare, feet on a carpeted or rugged floor. The sensation is grounding and helps keep you in the present moment. The majority of people who need grounding require a way to physically feel it in their body, which makes this the perfect exercise for them. 

  1. Visualization

Many people can experience grounding by visualizing. Remembering to breathe during this exercise is crucial. One of the most common exercises is to visualize yourself as a tree. The roots coming out of the bottoms of your feet are pushing into the ground, anchoring you into the present moment, and into your body. Keep moving your roots down towards the center of the Earth, wrapping around the center feeling completely grounded. This exercise can take a few seconds or several minutes, be patient with yourself and your experience. 

  1. Breathing

It sounds simple, becoming aware of your breath is one of the quickest ways to achieve a calm and grounding feeling. By relaxing your abdomen and breathing into your stomach, then expanding your lungs, lastly allowing your chest to rise and to exhale reverse the order, let your chest fall slightly, push the air out of your lungs and finally your stomach. It helps to count the seconds of your breath, and having your exhale be a second or two longer than your inhale. 

  1. Healing stone

Stones are wonderfully versatile and can assist in mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. You can wear them as jewelry, put them in your car, purse or pocket, or even have them out around your house decoratively. Three commonly available stones that are known for their grounding abilities are, jasper, smoky quartz and my personal favorite hematite.