Do you ever wonder what is going on with your pet? Well, there are people who can help with that. In this article we will be touching on animal communication and healing, and a few pet stories, we all have them. Pets are an amazing part of the family, we should all strive to have them live their best life. 

How can human healers work with pets, you ask. It’s simple, working with animals is similar to working with people, it’s a soul that needs healing in some way. You still ask the soul for consent, you still put the highest and best of that soul first in the present moment, you still honor and respect that soul. You still connect with their soul to discover the root cause of the issue and work on that instead of the symptoms. It’s not just about what’s going on, it’s also about why. Your pet may be anxious and we may relieve that anxiety but if we don’t address and remedy the root cause the anxiety will just come back, same as with a person. We work with the soul, the body while still important is secondary. This happens with both animal healing and communication. 

A lot of people get communication and healing confused, they are different. Though animal communication and healing usually go hand in hand. Most but certainly not all who do healing in some way can communicate with animals psychically, using one or more abilities. Such as clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (knowing), or even mediumship if the animal has passed on. While the healing is working with an animal’s energy, auric field and soul. It’s important for healers to know if we are doing what is needed and right for the animal, this is achieved through the communication or reading the animal’s energy during the session. Both are effective and require different abilities and skill sets. Animals actually respond differently to a healing than humans. They naturally vibrate at a higher level and aren’t weighed down by that pesky little thing called ego so they heal quicker in sessions. Some will melt into relaxation in minutes almost instantaneously. It’s incredible to see in person! All animals can be helped by healing and communication. 

Any animal can get a healing or communication there is no species that is immune or unable to benefit from healing. Domesticated or wild. Big or small. Now that being said I’m not going to go out in the woods and pet a grizzly to give them healing energy. Every animal has a soul and that’s what we connect with, as long as we have consent from their soul it’s all good. Touch isn’t required, it can be done energetically and remotely. So if I did see an animal in the wild that needed help I would do it from a distance. This is also good to know when it comes to animals that are harder to touch, anything underwater like fish and also cats don’t like to sit still for a healing to name a few. 

When I’m at the zoo with my nifflings (nieces and nephews) I will send out my aura and calming energy. Several of the animals will come right up to the glass completely relaxed and enjoy the energy. And my nifflings have a blast getting to see more animals.

There are a few different styles of healing hands on, hands hovers, distance in the room and remotely. Pet healings don’t have to be hands on, they don’t even have to be in person. Some are nice to have done in person. I’ve had amazing experiences with dogs and reptiles for hands on. Cats not so much, I can be in the room and sending healing from a distance, but hand on is not very effective with most cats. 

Sometimes you may feel like a pet has crossed your path at a specific time and it was meant to be. Absolutely! This happens way more often than people realize. It can be part of your soul contract or even a pet from a past life that comes with you to other lifetimes. The purpose can be anything from them helping or healing you to karmic to even you helping the pet. My oldest friend saw a rescue she was really drawn to. Another family was supposed to get Bandit, when they discovered he had seizures they refused to take him. My friend’s response, “Fuck ‘em. He’s mine.” She immediately went to get him and he has been a happy member of their family ever since. It was meant to be. Another dog, Oscar, has followed my friend through 13 different lifetimes! They are always together, they always find each other. Before each lifetime they agree who will be the one to pass first. It’s an intimate connection that will last forever. 

Years ago a few spiritually minded people held a women’s gathering once a month where we did meditations and crafts and bonded. There was a little shih tzu named Banger there and every event he would go and sit by someone else. By the end of the night we would discover that person was having a hard time and needed some extra doggy support. Banger came into our lives with that purpose to help the women at these gatherings. 

This is a good time to talk about the fact that animals are natural healers too, whether an animal was meant to heal you or is simply a member of your family they feel deeply. They all possess healing energy. With this they need to have regular healings done to them to remove the negative/toxic/sick that they are absorbing from the family/friends or surroundings. It can take a lot out of a pet to be there and constantly cycling through energy, remember your pet feels and care deeply. Especially if there has been illness or conflict in your home, make sure to check on your pets, they feel that shit. 

Pay attention to when your pet shifts behavior, they may sense something you don’t. A friend of mine, her dog jumped on her before her last 2 vertigo attacks. He knew something was wrong and was trying to make her sit down before they started. They can sense things long before we can, acknowledge and honor that. Your pet just may save your life. 

Animals are amazing creatures full of love and healing. It’s important they get sessions when they need them and to always shower them with love. How has your pet changed your life?