On this lovely Minnesota winter night as the day is winding down I find myself quite pensive about the Universe and how it provides for us. Exactly the way we need it in that moment whether we realize it or not. And more often we don’t even notice. In the next few days take a moment and simply appreciate everything the Universe has given you.

The reason this came about for me is that I realized how much I wanted someone to give me flowers and how it hasn’t happened in years. How it makes me feel, even spiritually, it always makes me feel in awe of everything the Universe is capable of. Today I went to the car dealership to get my keys fixed. There was a large vase of link roses on the counter. After my transaction I told the receptionist how grateful I was that there are people out there willing to assist me when I know nothing of the skill or topic. She was so surprised at how appreciative I was, she said I could help myself to a flower. As I left I couldn’t stop smiling. The Universe gave me exactly what I asked for in the most unexpected way.

Walking your path you may find that people have the capacity to take many things for granted, even take you for granted. When this occurs, take a deep breath embrace the lesson and show gratitude, and continue walking on your path. You are a wonderful and blessed soul, capable of so many things, and sometimes that can get lost in the day to day occurrences of life. Remember you are loved!