Candles don’t just look pretty and smell nice, they can be magical too!

One way to utilize this tool is with color, depending on the color the candle will represent different things. Here are common used for black and pink, there are many other colors to work with. Black candles can be used for protection and releasing negative energy. The first time I used a black candle for this I coughed ALL day. I released so much gunk and negativity. It was just what I needed and prevented that energy from attaching to me again. Totally worth a coughing fit! Pink candles are used for love and affection while red can be used for passion and romance. Both are wonderful options for relationships.

Another way to work with this tool is by using anointing oils. My personal favorite is an uncrossing oil. This assists with cutting cords, breaking patterns and curses. Herbs are great to boost your intention. Apply to the candle or around. I put a plate down so no wax mess. Many a table and surface have been ruined using candle magick. Wanna spice up a pink or red candle, cinnamon is what you need.