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Your 60 min Intuitive Energy Healing

4 different energy healing modalities including Reiki, Theta Healing, Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing, and Munay Ki the Nine Rites of the Inca Medicine Wheel

30 or 60 min Remote Tarot Reading

Receive a Tarot reading from the comfort of your own home, by phone or video call. Tarot cards are a tool, like meditation, that provide clarity and perspective in one’s life both spiritually and practically. You hold a question in your mind as the cards are shuffled instilling them with your energy and what is right for you on your path. Using the deck Lily will go through a specific spread or layout of the cards to read and interpret their meaning for your life in this moment and the questions you want answered while providing insight into the innermost truths of your soul. What message do the cards have for you?
A picture of the spread (pulled cards used in the reading) can be emailed upon request.

Please Note:

Groupons are setup for New Clients only, and can’t be redeemed for existing clients. You may not know that Groupon keeps the majority on the money, given that only one Groupon deal per person is redeemable. 

Ways to schedule your Groupon with Lily

Also available are remote sessions over phone/email/video. Follow the links access the appropriate scheduling system. 

Or call Lily at (612) 389-8466

Address your questions about the technique to Lily: lily@lilyofthelight.com

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2. Referrals: When you refer a friend, and they mention it at their session receive 20% off your next session

3. Packages: Save at least 10% on 3x packages, 15% on 6x packages and 20% on 10x packages

4. Piggy Back deal: If you schedule and pay the day of your first appointment you receive the same Groupon price


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