It’s essential that the parents understand a healer is there for the pet, not the human. Our focus, priority and only goal is toward the animal. It can be confusing for the pet parent, they usually consider only what they want for the pet and not what the pet itself wants. Which is understandable if you can’t directly ask the pet what they need, you will make a lot of assumptions. When healers communicate directly with animals we honor their wishes, boundaries and needs. Another thing to keep in mind is that pets pick up on your energy and what you are going through. Pet parents need to be aware that if there is unrest in the house, if there is arguing or someone is sick your pet picks up on that and may get anxious or sick because of you or what is happening in the house. It’s essential to take responsibility for the energy that you are emitting that your pet is picking up on. This is another reason why animal communication is helpful for healing. The animal will let the healer know if it’s something in the house or family that is making them react.

Make sure to honor your pets boundaries, they are a living being that deserves respect. I’ve seen several pet parents make the mistake of not respecting boundaries and their pet will start to act out or no longer be affectionate. The most common example of this is when people “hold their pet hostage” for cuddles. Remember consent is key. If your pet doesn’t want cuddles or to be held don’t force it. That will only cause issues for you and your pet. You are responsible for the energy you’re giving out and if it’s too intense for your pet to handle, let them walk away. 

I’ve observed that pet parents are some of the most grateful people I’ve ever done sessions with. Many of them will do almost anything to ensure their pet is happy, healthy and living their best life. Including moving furniture, changing diet, even the parent(s) work on themselves to lessen the stress in the household. It’s truly beautiful the relationship we have with pets and the joy they bring simply from existing.