Kids Services

Discover Interactive Spiritual Workshops and Mentorship Programs for Kids:

Do you want a safe, fun place for your child to explore their spirituality and embrace the power of mindfulness? Check out our spiritual workshops for kids today.

Children’s spiritual workshops and mentorship programs can help kids learn about spiritual and holistic topics to set them off on a spiritual journey.

If you would like to learn more about our kids’ services and programs about spiritual topics, contact Lily of the Light to discuss them in more detail. We can determine where to start with your children based on their age, experience, and any other related factors.

What are kids spiritual services:

Kids want to learn more about spiritual topics. I strive to provide the safe space for children to learn, ask questions and grow spiritually. Kids deserve their own space and time for their spiritual journey. This includes one on one sessions, workshops and mentorship programs geared towards children and customizable to your child’s wants and needs.

I have extensive experience with children of all ages from newborns to late teens and approach the session from where the child is, meeting them on their level and understanding to assist in feeling safe, supported and validated. It’s also the delivery of the information in a style that they are receptive to. Just like adults every child is different and will experience a session and energy differently. It’s my job to discover that process and utilize it with your child to best serve them on their journey. I will always explain what we are doing and why. As a child grows up the level of complexity in sessions changes. A newborn will get a different style of service than a 15 year old.

Kids services are about positive self awareness and discovery. Rocking the authentic self from a young age! I hold space for your child to figure themselves out, their gifts and their path. I will teach a solid foundation and give them the skills and tools they need. I show them ethics and boundaries so that it will be a healthy journey.

One of the many amazing things about children is that they don’t yet have ego second guessing them and societal norms holding them back. Give them the vocabulary and opportunities to talk about it and explain it to them, the more comfortable they feel. Nothing needs to be dumbed down for kids as long as you treat them like kids. It’s a universal experience they understand as well as anyone. Maybe even more considering their ego doesn’t get in the way.

Some tiny humans will identify with a lesson in the moment and after an experience. These are the kids who like freestyle learning with spiritual topics. If you get them when it’s fresh in their minds they absorb more. Others need time to process and contemplate. These are the kids who like structure with their learning, more information and class setting with some experiential. And everything in between, lots of shades of grey when it involves children. Every kid is going to receive differently and behave differently with the experience and information. 

It’s not just the process it’s what to focus on, there is a vastness to spirituality. I know one child who wants to train in animal communication and another only wants rocks and healing stones, another still that’s focussing on past life work, this is literally just 3 of the kids I’m seeing at the present moment. Some want abstract, like using energy and Reiki, others want to learn how to do a meditation or class work something tangible and concrete. We will focus on what your child wants to learn and lean into their natural gifts and strengths.

I specialize in kids sessions and know how to treat them, what tools are needed to be most effective. My healing space has a Kids Corner with a library of books and toys. I have a cat tarot deck only used with kids. I have a magic wand covered in healing stones and ribbon blessed to use with children. It takes years more training and experience to work with children in this field than it does adults. I charge for my time, talent and expertise in time increments. A 30 min session costs the same no matter if it’s an adult, child, animal or space cleansing.

*All children under 18 Must have consent from a parent/guardian. Depending on the age of the tiny human an adult may be required to be present in the room during the session. 

Depending on your child’s comfort level in person and remote sessions are available. It’s all about how they learn best and the sessions will be catered to them at all times. 

What to expect with kids services:

At the beginning of workshops and sessions with children there will be wiggles time. This is when I play music and we all move around, jump, twirl whatever, to get their wiggles out. Children will listen to the meaty content if they get a chance to move first and do mindfulness. After wiggles we usually do mindfulness exercises, this always includes different breathing techniques.

These usually aren’t in depth or intensive sessions, they are catered to children. I recommend 15-30 min one on one with tiny humans. As they become teenagers they can level up to have hour sessions. Kids’ spiritual work isn’t like adult work. Depending on the age there is a lot of explaining and repeating to start with, there is also a get to know you phase. At the beginning of the first session with me, it takes a minute for a tiny human to warm up, I’m a stranger. During this time I explain who I am and what I do. I give them space to get comfortable with me, there is no rush or pressure.

You can have sessions that revolve around energy, healing and tarot readings. Then there is mentorship which involves more training and education. Teaching children to appreciate and use their abilities without ego interfering. Each session is customized to what your child needs in the moment. 

What are the benefits of kids spiritual services:

The benefits of these services are vast. Including knowing which gifts you have and that you can strengthen them. Having the tools and self awareness to utilize all their abilities. To set boundaries and embrace their authentic selves.

Helping children with the skills they need to identify what’s going on within them, around themselves and energy from other people. How all of these energies may react to one another and affect someone. Where they store energy or emotions in their body and how to release it. Accepting and understanding their spiritual gifts. Learning to use them on a daily basis. To grow and strengthen them.

To be able to make decisions from a healthy and balanced head space. Learn to regulate mental, emotionally and spiritually to ensure they are not only living their best life but also making the decisions to support and continue that pattern. 

When to get a kids session:

Being born with abilities means that you can show signs very young. You can never start the education process too early. It’s amazingly helpful to learn the basics and understand what’s happening to you. I started my training at 10 and I could have easily started at 5. I learned how to discern what energy was mine and not, which for an empathic child is huge. I also learned not to be afraid of any of my abilities and use them in a safe and ethical way. So if you’re wondering if your child should see a practitioner the answer is usually yes. I specialize in kids’ spirituality because that’s what I wanted when I was young. 

Spiritual services can start at any age, even in the womb. I’ve had several pregnancy sessions where we work with the parent and baby before they are even born. You can introduce ideas and concepts at any age, even toddlers. You can also introduce energy work and Reiki, including the womb. By kindergarten you can introduce simple techniques and exercises. Doing shorter classes and working with their abilities. Full on training and mentorship programs can happen in teenage years. The youngest full mentorship I’ve done is 13 years old, and they are more dedicated than most adults who do mentorship. These are general ages, sometimes there are kids who are advanced and can start mentorship young (again I started at 10), others may need more time to adjust and understand. It’s all about honoring them where they are on their journey. I fully believe in starting something, even just Reiki sessions as young as possible to benefit your child.

Some ideal times for a child to have a session; beginning and end of the school year, when there is extra stress or anxiety in their life, or they’re exhibiting rebellious behavior and acting out. Reiki/energy healing is used to help them feel grounded in the present moment, and getting the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance provides clarity assisting them in staying calm and discovering more about how they interact with their own energy. If a child is struggling with their adoption, receiving a session focusing on building healthy bonds and healing the first chakras is my suggestion. Guided meditation can be used to assist in concentration, and focus as well as relaxation. Children need and deserve healing, don’t wait until adulthood to feel balanced, whole and better about yourself. A mentorship program is available for children who are becoming spiritually aware, exhibiting gifts (seeing spirits, feeling energy, etc), or showing interest in learning spiritual techniques to grow and shape their soul.

If you’re looking for psychic development email me at to learn more about training and mentorship programs.

What I Offer:

Any service Lily provides for adults is available for children, energy healing, psychic/mediumship, guided meditation, mentorship and more. There are diverse options for spiritual services for children. And one size doesn’t fit all. Remote and in person, one on one and class settings, training and healing. It’s all there for children. It’s very open and universal. Helping children find their own way of experiencing spirituality. 

Classes such as healing stones and different psychic gifts: There are kids who want more concrete information, they thrive in classroom and workshop settings.

Discovering animal and spirit guides

Animal communication and healing

Reiki/Energy work


Basics of meditation and mindfulness

Mentorship: These programs build on each other and are completely customized, each session adds to their journey and self discovery. Focusing more on learning and training. 

One on one sessions: Where one on one sessions involve more session work, such as energy work, tarot. Healing and dealing with an issue, no matter what that may be. 

Mediumship with children whether it be people or animals is a great way to open up the discussion about death.

Awakening self love workshop: If kids just had a little guidance, maybe a few examples to pull from they would feel so much better about themselves. Learn about what self love and care means specifically to them through guided meditation.

Spiritual adventures! Coming soon, stay tuned for more!

Services Pricing Table

1 Hour Session: $175

Choose up to 3 services.  *Past Life work takes the full hour

30 Min Session: $89

 Choose up to 2 services. *Past Life work takes a full hour

15 Min Session: $49

 Choose 1 service. *Past Life work takes a full hour

Parties/Events: $150-200 base (Depending on location)


Email: to discuss mentorship programs

6 Week Intensive: $1,200

Holistic Year: $1,800