I was recently asked what my most profound animal experience was. Here it is:I was born with my abilities to see energy, communicate with spirits, and know the future. I was also born with my ability to communicate and heal animals though I didn’t focus on it until my late teens and early twenties. My oldest friend had 2 boxer dogs and worked overnights at a hotel that happened to be haunted. So I would go over and hang out and talk to Oscar and Dwight the dogs, Oscar was Way more talkative. Spirits would bop in for a visit and we would communicate with them too. This is where I got most of my hands-on training, was with these two amazing dogs. I was their healer for their entire lives and helped both transition when the time came. 

I have an intimate relationship with these two amazing animals. If I got a psychic ping I would call my friend and tell her to put it on speaker so I could talk to them. I call her pets at least 3 times as much as I call to talk to her. 

We were at Thanksgiving dinner and I could tell that Dwight was getting ready to pass. I stayed until everyone else had left. We spent the evening preparing him for his transition. Communicating messages for the whole family, including the other pets, to prepare them. He was the first animal I had ever really learned how to heal on and I was with him throughout his entire life. Occasionally he will still come through from the other side with messages for the family. 

Oscar passed during the pandemic so I actually couldn’t be there in person for him and the family. We did distance sessions and a phone session to again prepare for the transition. It was still effective, just different. Mainly it was different for me because I had just an intimate connection with him that I wanted to be there in person. 

So the two animals that I had the most profound experiences with are the ones that were with me from the beginning and made me the animal healer I am today. I’m incredibly grateful for everything they gave me and the time we spent together.