In a previous blog we discussed the mistakes people make when manifesting. We are shifting our focus to a solid foundation and helpful hints for manifesting. It’s important to have a basic understanding of manifesting including the do’s and don’ts. You could be ineffective in manifesting because of something as simple as overlooking wording. In this article we will touch on starting slow, looking to the past as well as the future and the importance of details. And just for fun and to show everyone that Anyone is capable of a manifesting biff, I will be sharing my own big manifesting mistake. 

It’s OK and actually helpful to start small. It will help build your confidence and trust in yourself. Manifest socks before manifesting a million dollar mansion. A good way to start is actually to look back at your past and take note of when you truly manifested and went with the flow of the Universe. This provides affirmation and validation that you can manifest and to remember how it felt when you did. Adding to your confidence and familiarity for the energy of manifesting is essential to the practice and execution. Always acknowledge what you manifested and show gratitude. Attitude of gratitude is at the foundation of manifesting. Appreciate even the smallest manifestation. Remember that all manifesting comes from within you, your soul, and that’s empowering. You’re a badass, own it!  Knowing who you are and rocking your authentic self is another foundation of manifesting. If you don’t know who you are and are comfortable with it, how can you manifest what is in your highest and best? Remember to always come from a place of gratitude and openness. The second you put limitations on your manifesting and vision, you basically cock block your success. And no one wants to or intentionally blocks their chance for abundance. Years ago, on social media, I posted daily about gratitude. I would post 3 things every day that I was grateful for. I eventually themed every post, from people, to lessons, colors and even food. When you have an attitude of gratitude the opportunities for prosperity are limitless. It’s also incredibly uplifting to think of what you’re grateful for.

There may also be situations from your past where you manifested poorly or from the wrong mindset. I will share an example below of my big manifesting mistake. Remember not to beat yourself up or judge yourself for these situations. Come at it from a place of gentle curiosity to explore how you can effectively manifest. Allow these lessons to guide you to abundance.

Both the manifestations that worked out and those that didn’t are evidence that you are the point of attraction in what you send out and what you bring in. 

To assist in this you should come from a place of clarity, knowing what you want, getting out of your own way. And having trust that what you manifested is already coming your way. 

Devil is in the details, well not here, manifesting is in the details! Be as specific as you want or can be. Instead of “I want to manifest a car”  think of what kind of car, color, quality, accessories. Do you want just Any car, you could end up with a junker that isn’t safe. Same with new jobs, well a greeter at Walmart is a new job. Or do you want a new job, that’s in your field, with a certain income and schedule. 

Focus on desire, leave the HOW up to the Universe. Thinking of the “how” comes from resistance.

Another detail is wording, this one gets a lot of people. “I want,” “I hope” comes out of wishful thinking. The energy is “It may never happen.” “I need” comes from a place of desperation or ever scarcity. This energy isn’t a high vibration, therefore won’t attract for your highest and best.  The energy you are emitting now, in the present moment is what the manifestation is attracted to. “I have” is the wording to best get what you want. “I have abundance.” “I have patience.” These bring in a higher vibration. Follow that vibration to achievement. It seems like such a small detail, and that it wouldn’t really matter. Oh but it does! Especially to the Universe. Be mindful of your words while manifesting.

Now I’m not perfect by any stretch, I do the best I can every day and every day that looks different. I would like to share my humbling manifestation snafu. And it was a Big one, that caused undo stress and hardship. It’s so silly, in the moment I couldn’t figure out why it was so hard. Now, a few years later, it was SO obvious I wasn’t manifesting from flow and trusting the Universe. 

It was an exhausting uphill battle that I trudged through for over a year! I was manifesting from a vice grip on energy, not allowing flow or abundance from the Universe. A tarot reader and then my mom pointed out while I was looking for a house the choke hold I had on it. It was so much more work than it needed to be. It wasn’t just physically exhausting, it was emotional labor. It took SO much longer than it should have, over a year of constant searching and house showings. I was trying to force the energy, not following any of the Universe’s messages and quite frankly being stubborn. The reason this is one of my biggest biffs is because it took a year for me to realize and adjust my energy. This can happen to anyone. Hopefully not for a year though. Everyone makes mistakes and loses sight sometimes. The important thing is to acknowledge it without judgment, just gentle curiosity and then adjust. 

Those are the basics and foundation of manifesting. Past and future are helpful aids in this endeavor, pay attention to them. Withhold judgement always, gentle curiosity is where it’s at. It’s OK to make mistakes, we all do, and we can learn from them. Hopefully you learned from mine and will never have to trudge that particular hill. Wording is important, be mindful of what you say/maifest and How. Speaking of how, don’t get hung up on the details, let the Universe discover and give you the how of the manifestation. You simply need to be open to it. And lastly, an attitude of gratitude, say it, think it, post it, live it. Happiness lives in thankfulness. Now go forth and manifest your heart’s desire!