Can people who communicate with animals connect with those that have passed? The answer is yes, some can. Not all and some choose not to focus on this aspect of animal communication. Some people discover their link to animals at a young age, and may even gravitate towards them instead of people. And who could blame them, animals are awesome! This can be when they discover their abilities, or it can come later in life. It just depends on the person. 

This type of communication can be beneficial for the animal and the person. It can assist with messages the animal wants the person to know. It’s also used to provide closure for people. This is also the time that an animal lets you know it’s watching over you. Which for some is an incredibly special bond. Sometimes you may have questions that you want to ask your pet and receiving those answers can feel like a weight has lifted. 

Fun fact about me, every time I do a crossing over event, which is channeling loved ones who have crossed over for a group of people, a cat will come through. Every single time. Just saunters through like cats do, gives me a message for their parent(s) and then hangs out the rest of the event. 

Communication with an animal that’s passed can be one of the most profound experiences for the parent. Open up your heart and allow the messages to be received. And always know your pets love you, think of you and protect you from across the rainbow bridge.