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Messages from the Universe

Short Message From the Universe 11.14.20

Everything is new, everything is changing. Old patterns are coming up to be healed and transformed in your highest and best. Don't be distracted by the sounds and static that are holding you back for walking your path. Remember that you are loved and supported by your...

Ask and You Shall Receive

On this lovely Minnesota winter night as the day is winding down I find myself quite pensive about the Universe and how it provides for us. Exactly the way we need it in that moment whether we realize it or not. And more often we don’t even notice. In the next few...

Look at Life with Lily!

Mediumship with pets that have passed

Can people who communicate with animals connect with those that have passed? The answer is yes, some can. Not all and some choose not to focus on this aspect of animal communication. Some people discover their link to animals at a young age, and may even gravitate...

Lily’s Favorite Pet Session Stories

I was recently asked what my most profound animal experience was. Here it is:I was born with my abilities to see energy, communicate with spirits, and know the future. I was also born with my ability to communicate and heal animals though I didn’t focus on it until my...

Important Facts about Pets Sessions

It’s essential that the parents understand a healer is there for the pet, not the human. Our focus, priority and only goal is toward the animal. It can be confusing for the pet parent, they usually consider only what they want for the pet and not what the pet itself...

Talk to the Animals

Do you ever wonder what is going on with your pet? Well, there are people who can help with that. In this article we will be touching on animal communication and healing, and a few pet stories, we all have them. Pets are an amazing part of the family, we should all...

Manifesting Made Simple

Solid foundation and helpful hints for manifesting. It’s important to have a basic understanding of manifesting including the do’s and don’ts. You could be ineffective in manifesting because of something as simple as overlooking wording.

3 Big Manifesting Mistakes

We will touch on the 3 big mistakes and misunderstandings that people make with manifesting. Everyone does these at some point. There is no shame, just learning opportunities. 

Did You Know?

4 Easy Ways to Stay Grounded

In an ever chaotic world it is essential to stay grounded. Being grounded means, being calm and at peace in the present moment, also being sure of yourself on your path. These exercises are meant to help you achieve a feeling of being grounded. They are made to be...


Candles don’t just look pretty and smell nice, they can be magical too! Up you magick game with colored candles, oils and herbs.