Past Life Work

Why do Past Life work:

Do you feel a sense of unbalance in your daily life? Do you feel misguided and that something is holding you back from moving forward? Your past lives can hold many people back from enlightenment and moving forward on their path. At Lily of the Light, we provide past life workshops, sessions, and other holistic treatments to help you tap into the mysteries of your past, present, and future.

What is Past Life Work:

Past life work is some of the most interesting and unique out there. No matter what you discover, it’s fascinating! I’ve never met anyone who regretted learning about themselves and doing past life work. Most people have a minimum of a dozen lives, it doesn’t hurt to know more about your own history. 

There are many things that you take with you over lifetimes. You can have themes or specific traits that have a purpose for your soul. A theme could be you have worked with your hands in all your lives in some way. Your psychic gifts and abilities also go with your soul. You can even take with you physical things. Scars, birthmarks, even pain can travel with you through lifetimes. You may have habits or patterns, good or bad that need to be examined further. You get to meet people from past lives in your current one and see who they are to you now.

Past Life work involves going into a deep meditative state and led through the past life with prompts to guide you. So you aren’t just walking around aimlessly with no clue what the fuck is going on.

Another way to learn about past lives is to ask psychic questions. You can ask general questions like, “Can you tell me about my past lives?” And see what comes up. Or something more specific, “I met Amanda today and I feel this weird sense of familiarity with her. What’s that about?”

I think everything about past lives is cool and interesting, even the hard stuff. Sometimes that’s where the best and most helpful information comes from. 

The most common apprehension to past life work is that people don’t want to see something bad or traumatic. It’s important not to beat yourself up for what happened in past life. You were a different person back then, literally. It’s much more productive and better for the soul to heal and learn. Whenever looking at past lives, you need to really look at the time period and your experience without judgment. Not all past lives are about healing or trauma or need you to work on them. Some of them are just good to know. Fun facts about your past that help you in the present. Past lives gift you lessons that you can take with you.

The thing to remember is that no matter what happened in the past. It’s the present moment. You’re simply learning. You are always safe and secure in the here and now. You’ve also had good enjoyable lives. If you’re ever nervous, start there. You can absolutely set the intention before starting to just see happy lives. It’s essential to go into this experience, just like all spiritual experiences with an open mind. 

This can be fun and enlightening, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. You can also get a past life just as a treat for yourself. No other purpose than to pamper yourself in a new and unique way. Celebrate this life by learning about a past one. You don’t always have to fix something or learn something. It can be just for fun or to have the experience.

It takes time to heal, depending on the energy trapped in your subconscious, it may take a few sessions to properly identify what experiences from your past are limiting your future.

What is the difference between a past life workshop and session:

When picking if you want a class setting or one on one for a past life session, the main question you should be asking yourself is what do you really want to accomplish. If you know the work you want to do is in depth and possibly intense it’s a one on one session. If you know you are curious and want to look at a few different lives in the span of a few hours, class setting is your jam. The next important question is what are you comfortable with. If you don’t meditate well in groups or get uncomfortable, a one on one session is better for you. 

Past Life Session

Unlike a class one on one sessions are far more in depth into one or multiple lives. We can also go into any life that may need going into. This allows you to heal and move on from anything that may be still hanging on from that past life. If you have a fear of stairs or failure (yes I’ve done sessions on both of these) we find the past life where the fear originated and go from there. Basically past life trauma, lessons, blocks are handled here. It could also be a lesson or even a person. An important thing to remember about a past life session is that it takes the whole hour.

Past Life Workshop

The beginning of my past life workshop goes over the basics of what a past life is, how it can affect you and what to expect in the guided meditation as well as the myths that may hold you back from fully experiencing a past life. Then we go into a meditation so you can have a small view of a non-traumatic life. The reason for this is that in a class setting I can’t go in and get someone in a meditation the way I could in a one on one session. 

You’re looking at past lives in a shorter time frame that allows us to only scratch the surface. This is more of a fact finding mission as opposed to healing and resolution that can happen in a one on one session. Discovering who you were is fascinating stuff.

A perk of doing past lives in a class is that you get to talk about it and share ideas with others. It’s always interesting to hear what other people experienced and who they were decades or even centuries ago. 

Benefits of Past Life Work:

Past life sessions can help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places, explore your past and current soulmate experiences in a deeper way, identify any mental or physical ailments you have that could be remnants of your previous life experiences, explore unresolved emotions, fears, or beliefs, and acknowledge key lessons learned in your past lives that can come in handy with navigating your current life. 

Our past life work can help you dig up unresolved issues from the past that are keeping you from living a more fulfilled life. Don’t let your past get in the way of a brighter future. Lily of the Light can help you move through stagnant energy and move forward on your path in your present. You may be one past life discovery away from changing everything.

Schedule Your Past Life Session Now:

If you’re looking for a spiritual session to realign yourself, past life work is a great method to determine what may be keeping you stuck in a rut. Lily of the Light can help you explore your past lives to unlock this stagnant energy and move forward on your path to enlightenment. Schedule your session today! 

Services Pricing Table

1 Hour Session: $250

Choose up to 3 modalities.  *Past Life work takes the full hour

30 Min Session: $149

 Choose up to 2 modalities. *Past Life work takes a full hour

15 Min Session: $79

 Choose 1 modality. *Past Life work takes a full hour

Parties/Events: $250 base (Depending on location)