Pet/Animal Session

Basics of Animal Healing:

Do you ever wonder what is going on with your pet? Animal/pet sessions are for you. Pets are family and they benefit from healing too! 

Any animal can get a healing or communication. There is no species that is immune or unable to benefit from healing. Domesticated or wild. Big or small. I’ve done birds, snakes, bearded dragons, cats, dogs. All sizes, shapes and species are welcome. What if you have multiple pets? Yes please! The more the merrier. Whether in person or remote I can do up to 3 animals in 1 session. Any animal session can be done remotely. This is also good to be aware of when it comes to animals that are harder to touch, anything underwater like fish and also cats don’t like to sit still for a healing to name a few.

There are SO many different services a pet can get. Energy healing is always lovely. Communication is probably the most important aspect of a session. Blessing and cleansing a house when changes occur. I feel that end of life sessions with animals are the most rewarding and beautiful services I could offer a pet and their family. 

Animals are natural healers. They all possess healing energy. With this they need to have regular healings done to them to remove the negative/toxic/sick that they are absorbing from the family/friends or surroundings. It can take a lot out of a pet to be there and constantly cycling through energy, remember your pet feels and care deeply. Especially if there has been illness or conflict in your home, make sure to check on your pets, they feel that shit. 

Animals actually respond differently to a healing than humans. They naturally vibrate at a higher level and aren’t weighed down by that pesky little thing called ego so they heal quicker in sessions. All animals can be helped by healing and communication.

It’s essential that the parents understand a healer is there for the pet, not the human. My focus, priority and only goal is toward the animal. When healers communicate directly with animals we honor their wishes, boundaries and needs. The animal will let the healer know if it’s something in the house or family that is making them react.

Animal communication is a way to understand what the animal is going through and what they need. Knowing that you can do something about it. Now you can take actionable steps for your pet to have a better life, even at the end.

How can you as a pet parent make the most out of this session? The big one is trust. Trust that I know what I’m doing and there for your pet completely. This is also a comfortable level. If you’re not comfortable with the practitioner your pet sure as shit won’t be either.

 Be open to whatever comes up, even if it’s uncomfortable. You’re absolutely doing your best to give this animal an amazing life. You may be missing the mark, be open to hearing that and changing.

What to expect in an animal healing session:

Whether in person or remote, I connect with their soul to discover the root cause of the issue and work on that instead of the symptoms. Your pet may be anxious and we may relieve that anxiety but if we don’t address and remedy the root cause the anxiety will just come back. Animal communication and healing go hand in hand in this session. 

I will combine 4 modalities of energy healing including Reiki to ensure your pet feels reassured in the experience. Intuitive messages will be shared, of what your pet’s energy says about them and what they are going through at that moment. During the session your pet’s energy will be cleared, balanced, and restored to its natural state of wellness to optimize your pet’s health in mind, body and spirit. Then channels of communication will be opened during the session to discover if your pet has anything to say, and give you the chance if you have something to say to them. Healing stones selected specifically for animal healings are utilized to enhance the session. 

When to get a pet/animal session:

The main one is change, of any kind, a move, death, shift, divorce, someone moved in, new pet. Something that your pet now has to get used to and adjust their energy. To ease this, get a session. Have the new energy integrated with your pet’s. A house cleansing may also be required depending on how big the change is. 

Another great time is if there is something going on with the pet itself, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. If they need surgery, pre and post op sessions, if your pet is going to the vet for some intensive work, level up the healing and get them a session. This will ease pain and minimize suffering, it also curbs the fear and anxiety. 

It can be beneficial to get your new adopted pet a session. This can help them transition into the new home and situation, heal from the past and give the parents insight into what happened to the pet prior to adoption. Discovering how to help them the best you can. This gives understanding to what your animal went through prior to you having them as well as peace of mind that you truly are doing everything in your power for the innocent animal to have the best life possible. 

Sometimes it’s beneficial to have a session when a new animal comes in or your pets aren’t getting along. This will happen often when personalities clash.

And the other option for the best time for animal session is, anytime. Sometimes it’s just nice to be healed, and pampered. Want to give your pet a special gift, schedule a session. Everyone likes a little extra love and relaxation, your pet is the same way.

Another time to get a session for your pet is when they are about to pass. (See next section for details)

End of life Animal Services:

Many people have said that the “best” kind of animal session is the end of life transition. It provides a closure that you can’t get with anything else, for you and your pet. 

Part of this process can be to ask your beloved pet if they are ready to pass, if they need anything to ease the transition. A lot of people are worried that they waited too long, or are doing it too soon. This session is for you. It’s also the time to share final messages with each other. Most of the time the pet has something they want you to know before they pass. Pet parents always want to ensure their love and parting words are heard by their pet.

If you’ve made the difficult decision to have your pet transition and you want to ensure a peaceful and painless passing you would schedule a 15 min remote session for the time of passing, or email the day and time. I remotely connect to your animal to ensure the passing is best for your pet and assist in them crossing over. I open up all the chakras, auras and energy pathways, help the soul pass calmly and allow them to feel safe during the whole process. I then email you after to let you know how it went. Most of the time the message is, they passed without fear. And if we are being honest that’s the best we can hope for. 

Many clients have said they couldn’t imagine dealing with the loss of a pet without an end of life session.

Animals that have passed:

Lily is a medium and therefore can connect with your pets that have passed. This type of communication can be beneficial for the animal and the person. It can assist with messages the animal wants the person to know. It’s also used to provide closure for people. This is also the time that an animal lets you know it’s watching over you. Which for some is an incredibly special bond. Sometimes you may have questions that you want to ask your pet and receiving those answers can feel like a weight has lifted, it provides closure. 

Communication with an animal that’s passed can be one of the most profound experiences for the parent. Open up your heart and allow the messages to be received. And always know your pets love you, think of you and protect you from across the rainbow bridge.

What I Offer:

 Pet healings don’t have to be hands on, they don’t even have to be in person. Any animal session can be done remotely. Most sessions are best done by email for animals. An appointment is scheduled, so you and your pet are aware the session is taking place. Prior to the appointment you can share questions you wish to ask your pet, what intention you would like to set for the session, and what if anything you feel needs to be addressed in the session. During the set appointment time Lily performs the healing. After the healing is completed you are sent a detailed email of what energy was encountered during the session, including intuitive messages. And the chance for your pet to communicate anything they wanted with you.

All hands on animal services are provided at the home, animals are most comfortable in their own space, allowing them to feel safe which is essential for all animal services. I have quilts and stones that have been blessed with intention to only be used on animals. They are safe and meant to be sniffed, occasionally licked and always shed on. 

Email to set up an in person animal session: lily@lilyofthelight


Services Pricing Table

Pet/Animal Session: starting at $200 (Depending on location)

1 Hour Session: $150

Choose up to 3 services.  *Past Life work takes the full hour

30 Min Session: $75

 Choose up to 2 services. *Past Life work takes a full hour

15 Min Session: $45

 Choose 1 service. *Past Life work takes a full hour