Pet/Animal Session

Connect with your pet through animal communication and healing:

Have you ever wondered what’s going on with your pet? If your answer is yes, then our animal/pet healing sessions are for you. 

Pets are a member of your family and can benefit from healing sessions. Any animal can receive communication or healing. No species are immune or unable to benefit from animal healing. 

At Lily of the Light, I work with domesticated or wild animals. All sizes, shapes and species are welcome. What if you have multiple pets? Yes please! The more the merrier. Whether in person or remote I can do up to 3 animals in 1 session. Whether you have one animal you want to connect with or multiple, I can help. I’ll provide clarity and insight into your pet’s mind.

What are animal healing services:

Lily of the Light offers various animal services to help your pet. Some of the most common services offered are communication and healing energy. End-of-life sessions are another rewarding service offered to pets and their families. 

Animals are natural healers and possess healing energy. They need regular healings done to remove the harmful or toxic energy they’re absorbing from those in their surroundings. 

Animals actually respond differently to a healing than humans. They naturally vibrate at a higher level and aren’t weighed down by that pesky little thing called ego so they heal quicker in sessions. All animals can be helped by healing and communication.

It can take a lot out of an animal to be there and constantly cycle through various energies. You need to remember that your pet feels and cares deeply. You should pay extra attention to them if there’s been conflict or sickness in your home. 

The healer (me) is present for the pet during our healing sessions, not the human. My focus, priority, and goal are to help the animal. 

I communicate directly with the animal to honor their wishes, boundaries, and needs. The animal will let me know if something in their family or house makes them hold onto negative energy. 

We’ll understand what the animal is going through in animal communication sessions. We’ll learn what they need and what actionable steps you can take to improve your pet’s life.

How can you as a pet parent make the most out of this session? The big one is trust. Trust that I know what I’m doing and there for your pet completely. This is also a comfortable level. If you’re not comfortable with the practitioner your pet sure as shit won’t be either.

 Be open to whatever comes up, even if it’s uncomfortable. You’re absolutely doing your best to give this animal an amazing life. You may be missing the mark, be open to hearing that.

What to expect in an animal healing session:

I can conduct animal healing sessions remotely or in person. During the session, I’ll connect with their soul and learn the root cause of their issue and work on remedying that. 

Your pet might feel anxious, and we can relieve some of that anxiety. However, if we don’t address and fix the root cause of their feelings, that anxiety will just come back. Animal communication and healing go hand in hand in these session. 

I’ll combine four energy healing modalities, including Reiki, to ensure your pet feels safe and relaxed during the session. Intuitive messages will get shared as they come in. I’ll let you know what your pet’s energy says about them and what they’re going through. 

During the animal healing session, I’ll clear, balance, and restore their energy to its natural state of wellness to optimize your pet’s health in mind, body and spirit. I’ll open up the communication channels during the session to learn if your pet has anything to tell you. You’ll also have the chance to pass a message to your pet. 

When to get a pet/animal session:

If you’ve experienced a significant change in your life, your pet can benefit from an animal healing session. A change could include a move, death, divorce, a new family member, or a new pet. Typically, a change includes anything that your pet has to get used to and adjust their energy accordingly.

An animal healing session can help ease them through this change. Depending upon how significant the change is, a house cleaning might be necessary.

Another great time when you should get an animal session is when something is going on with your pet. This can include emotional, mental, or physical changes. If your pet is going to the vet for a major appointment, you can help them through the healing process with an animal session. Pre and post appointments are available to level up their healing. This will ease pain and minimize suffering, it also curbs the fear and anxiety.

If you’ve recently adopted a pet, an animal healing session can help them with the new life change. My sessions can help them transition into your new home and environment. The session can also help them heal from the past and give you insights into what happened to them before you adopted them. It will give you peace of mind that you truly are doing everything in your power for the innocent animal to have the best life possible.

You might’ve recently adopted a new pet, and it’s not getting along with your current pet. An animal healing session can get to the root cause of their strife, helping them create a better relationship.

Another excellent time for an animal healing session is anytime. Sometimes it’s nice to get pampered and healed. Everyone likes a little extra relaxation and love, especially our pets.

You can also schedule an animal healing session when they’re about to pass.

What Are End-of-Life Animal Services?

Some people believe that the best type of animal healing service is the end-of-life transition. This type of session provides you and your pet with the closure that you can’t get from anything else. 

I’ll ask your beloved pet if they’re ready to pass during this session. I’ll also ask them if they need anything to ease the transition. A lot of people are worried that they waited too long, or are doing it too soon. This session is for you. 

This session is also a great time to share final messages with your pet. I’ll pass along any messages from your pet to you. Most of the time, pets have something they want their owners to know before passing. Pet parents always want to ensure their love and parting words are heard by their pet.

If you’ve made the difficult decision to have your pet transition and want to ensure a peaceful and painless passing, schedule a remote 15-minute session. I’ll remotely connect to your animal to ensure that passing is the best choice for them. If it is, I’ll assist them with crossing over. 

I open up all their chakras, energy pathways, and auras. I help their soul pass calmly and ensure they feel safe throughout the process. I’ll send you an email after the session is done to let you know how it went.Most of the time the message is, they passed without fear. And if we are being honest that’s the best we can hope for. 

I can tell my clients that their pets passed without fear most of the time.

Can You Connect Me With Animals Who Have Passed?

I am a medium and can connect you with previous pets that have passed away. This type of animal communication is beneficial for you and the animal. I can help pass along messages that your pet wants you to know. 

This type of session can also provide you with closure. I can also let you know if your animal is watching over you. Which for some is an incredibly special bond.

You might also have questions you want to ask your pet. Receiving their answers can feel like a weight has been lifted. 

Communication with an animal that’s passed can be one of the most profound experiences for the parent. Open up your heart and allow the messages to be received. And always know your pets love you, think of you and protect you from across the rainbow bridge.

Remote and In-Person Animal Healing Sessions Available:

My animal healing sessions don’t have to be hands-on or in-person. I can conduct all of my animal sessions remotely. Most sessions are best done via email. 

Once the appointment gets scheduled, you can share with me any questions you want to ask your pet. You can also set an intention for the session and tell me what I should address. 

During the appointment, I’ll perform the healing for your pet. Once it’s completed, I’ll send you a detailed email of what energy I encountered during the session, including messages. 

I conduct all my hands-on animal healing sessions in your home or where your animal is the most comfortable. I want them to feel safe during the sessions.

Healing stones and quilts that have been blessed are incorporated into the animal healing sessions. These are safe products meant to be sniffed, occasionally licked, and shed on. 

Book Your Animal Services Now:

I’m ready to help guide your pet through the healing process. 

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Services Pricing Table

1 Hour Session: $175

Choose up to 3 services.  *Past Life work takes the full hour

30 Min Session: $89

 Choose up to 2 services. *Past Life work takes a full hour

15 Min Session: $49

 Choose 1 service

In Person Pet/Animal Session: starting at $200 (Depending on location)