Psychic Circle

What to expect at the Psychic Circle:

Let’s break down what the psychic circle is, shall we. First before anyone arrives, virtually or in person I set sacred space. After introductions we start with a guided meditation, each meditation is completely unique and customized to the energy of the event. Then there is an opportunity to share your experience, once everyone who wants to talk does we go into the first round. We go in a circle, hence the psychic circle. Everyone asks their first question. Using my psychic and mediumship abilities, I answer the question. The same happens with the second round, everyone asks and I answer. Before the third round a visualization exercise to open and awaken your own psychic abilities and intuition. This round is all about the attendees. You ask your question and your fellow attendees answer with the messages they receive. 

Third Round

For the third round I’m there to hold space. The attendees use their own psychic abilities to answer the questions. Everyone has psychic abilities, most people just need a safe space to flex them, I like providing that. To see and feel how it works. I always tell people before we start this round not to judge or second guess what comes up. Trust in your intuition. 

You may not be aware of your gifts or use them as often as you’d like but they are there. Yes you can tap into it. And Yes it’s possible to improve. And absolutely you can believe in yourself and your abilities now in the moment. Seeing, believing and understanding the messages and psychic pings you receive. That’s what the psychic circle helps you do.

This is a great event for those who want to try their own abilities out. It helps to build confidence, for those who can’t easily see the gifts within themselves. It’s a way to confirm and validate when and how you receive messages. When self doubt sneaks in, the psychic circle raises you above it.

Your gifts are uniquely you. They won’t look, sound or feel like anyone else’s. Therefore there is no way to compare. When you’re in a room with people who all have different gifts and are using them in different ways. You realize just how diverse psychic abilities can be. It changes your perspective. It’s an empowering feeling to know what’s best for you. It’s also amazing to share those gifts with others. 

There is a visualization exercise/meditation to open the third eye and awaken intuition before any questions are asked. The attendees are already in the zone before we begin. This allows people’s abilities to flourish.

While the last round is about building your psychic abilities and intuition. If nothing comes up, that’s fine. No worries. Don’t feel pressure to get a message every time or to perform. Or that you have to meet some invisible standard. You don’t have to give life shattering messages for every person who asks a question. Hell you don’t even have to say anything. Sometimes you don’t get a message. It happens to everyone.

Occasionally during the third round someone will get part of a message or it’s not quite clear and they will have me assist them in the details or clarifying. 

What is a Psychic Circle all about:

When asked attendees have said that one of reasons they enjoy the Psychic Circle so much is because they are so welcoming.  Any race, sexuality and gender. Also any skill level or background. Never touch your intuition before to professional, come on over. No matter the experience or beliefs you feel welcome and among peers. If you’re open minded, respectful and seeking answers, this is the place for you. 

It’s a safe space to be, at all times. The things you are scared to ask in front of others you can ask here. You need those answers, and here is where you get them. This is a place you can tap into who you truly are. This gives you the opportunity to explore you more. 

Come in with no shame, guilt or judgment and rock your authentic self. There’s no such thing as a stupid or trivial question. It’s a place of respect and understanding. 

It’s made known at the beginning that we are all equal. No gift, ability, experience or message is more important than another. This lowers the apprehension and possibly stress of talking about whatever we end up talking about. Sometimes it’s serious or intimate, other times it’s not. Wouldn’t you want to feel comfortable and safe before asking a psychic question in front of others? That’s what the psychic circle provides. 

An important aspect of psychic circles for me is that there is balance. Everyone gets the same validation and effort. That one person isn’t getting 15 min answers while another is getting 90 seconds. I intentionally keep the psychic circle to under 10 people. That way everyone gets a chance to talk, share and receive.

The psychic circle is a way of receiving clarity on the questions you have. Without the expense of a whole session. Sometimes you just have a few questions you want answered, this is a great environment for that.

A lot of people have questions that they want answered and don’t know where to do that. This is the place! Things will come to the surface to have light shine upon them. That way you know what you need to work on and you can take actionable steps to move forward. If you don’t know there’s an issue how can you heal from it?

These are also a great source of information. Not just the questions you get answered. You also get insight with the beginning meditation and psychic exercise. It’s about you, how can I help you and how can you be the best version of yourself. I want people to get involved and ask questions and participate. Fully immersed in the experience. It’s about providing a platform for people to share their lives and learn and grow. 

It’s incredibly cool to see other people rocking their authentic selves. Observe what other people’s psychic abilities are and how they use them. How their intuition works, and how it’s different (not compared to) your own. Get the chance to talk about the things that you don’t get to in your daily life with like minded people. There are countless “Aha moments” for attendees. Through discussion they will give you insight that you never even thought of. Take in new ideas and perspectives to enrich your life. It’s about building trust, within the community and yourself. In a way that you thrive spiritually. This event is about growth, intuition and clarity. 

What questions to ask as a Psychic Circle:

You can ask anything about yourself. That’s an important part, the questions are about you and for you. This event is about you, embrace that your life comes first with these questions. This next one is crucial to your happiness. Don’t ask questions you don’t actually want the answer to. 

Anything about any aspect of your life. Anything you want. Love, career, health, moving, family life, any question about any aspect of your life. The questions can all have the same theme. Such as all 3 questions have to do with life’s purpose. Or they can be all different. One about love, one about career and one about psychic abilities. You can also ask about your community, especially when there is unrest.

I set the intention and bless the space, virtual or in person before anyone arrives to be safe, welcoming and without judgment, and I hold the sacred space the entire time. I pay close attention to the energy in the room and shift it long before something happens. You can ask anything, truly. People have asked about severe illness, miscarriages and fertility, trauma (with trigger warnings). This space is for you, just as much as anyone else. Ask what you need to.

You can also ask a question to see if you’re on the right track or off base. Are you seeing the situation clearly? If you’re getting a psychic ping and you want to verify if it’s correct or if it’s your ego. These types of questions are great for a reality check and perspective.

Sometimes by the last round you’re out of questions. That’s when you can ask, “Are there any messages from the spirit guides or spirits around me?” Or you can ask, “Is there anything the Universe wants me to know?” Who are your spirit guides? What do they have to say to you in the present? Are there any ancestors around you? This adds a level of flexibility when asking questions. 

You could also come in with only one question and as the event progresses you think of other things you’d like to know. Sometimes you have a list of questions you want to ask and by the end asked totally different ones. Because when you’re in the energy of the event, the energy shifts. 

What makes the Psychic Circle Unique:

I wanted attendees to truly have a one of a kind experience, each time. There are contributing factors that make each psychic circle totally different from any other. One of the many things that sets these psychic circles apart, is that you can ask general questions and for messages without any specificity. 

The customized meditation at the beginning based on a tarot card drawn literal minutes before the event is another unique aspect of the event that isn’t offered anywhere else. Lastly, the exercise to awaken your own intuition. Giving attendees the opportunity to grow and validate their gifts.

When to get a follow up session:

Sometimes there is a lot to unpack with a question. Far more than can be done in a psychic circle. In those cases I always tell people there is more to do and learn than we can accomplish now. Come in for a one on one and we can give this topic the attention it deserves. The other aspect of this is you will ask a question and realize that you still have healing to do or an issue that isn’t resolved. That’s when you schedule a session also, get that shit handled before it comes back and bites you.

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I asked an attendee what their thoughts were about psychic circles and their response was simple. Do It! When in doubt try it out. I loved that. It was an awesome response. If it’s been on your mind or you feel called to attend don’t hesitate. Follow your intuition and honor your gifts.