Psychic Circle

Psychic Circle — Guided Meditation and Psychic Services

A psychic circle is a unique spiritual experience where people get together to share their psychic experiences and abilities with each other. The goal is not only to have your own questions answers but also to share in a guided meditation and awaken intuition among each other.

What to expect at the Psychic Circle:

You can experience the deep transformative effects of a psychic circle whether it’s your first time engaging in psychic services or whether you’ve known about and indulged in your psychic abilities for years. New to this practice? It’s okay, it’s a safe space.

Before anyone arrives at the psychic circle, whether virtually or in person, I create a sacred space. This is the practice of clearing the energy, providing a protective shield and setting the intention of the night to be honest, supportive, helpful and without judgment. Once everyone arrives, we start with a guided meditation. These guided meditations are entirely unique to each event and are based on the energy that we feel in each psychic circle. 

Then, we open the space to let everyone share their experience. This can range from talking about your desire to awaken intuition or simply be an opportunity for you to talk about your motives for joining the circle. Once everybody has had a chance to speak, we form a circle and then get into the first round. Clarity awaits…

The First Round

During the first round of the psychic circle, we will go around one by one and ask their first question. Using my psychic abilities and mediumship, I will answer each of the questions.

The Second Round

During the second round, expect even more clarity. We will go around again as we did in the first round. Each person asks a question and I answer it.

Then, the energy starts to shift a bit. Before the third round, we will all participate in a visualization exercise to help open and awaken your intuition and own psychic abilities. Authenticity is key here, as is vulnerability. Our goal is to create a sacred space that allows you to feel comfortable tapping into your own unique powers.

During this visualization exercise, we will work to open our third eye in order to awaken intuition. We will sit in that sacred space, falling deeper into the zone before we begin.

Prepare to step into your own as we start…

The Third Round

This round is all about the attendees. You ask your question and your fellow attendees answer with the messages they receive. I am simply here to hold space for each of you as you dive into your own intuition and tap into your own psychic abilities. And, I am here to help provide you with further clarification or details regarding the messages you receive

Didn’t know you had any? Everyone has psychic abilities. However, most people lack the safe spaces they need in order to find and flex them. This is what is so special about our psychic circles. You and I, we all get to see and feel how this magical process works. No judgment. Just trust your intuition and what comes up.

Seeing, believing, and understanding the messages and psychic pings you receive. That’s what the psychic circle helps you do. It is powerful, affirming, validating, and uplifting. When self-doubt sneaks in, the psychic circle and those in it help lift you up above it.

What is a Psychic Circle all about:

At its core, a psychic circle is about more than simply having your questions answered. It’s about empowering yourself through the incredible awakening of your own intuition. It’s about tapping into your own unique gifts.

Your gifts are uniquely you. They won’t look, sound, or feel like anyone else’s. The power of a psychic circle is to allow you to participate in a deep, enriching spiritual experience where you see everybody else’s gifts expressed in wild and wonderous ways.

Through that, you are able to realize just how diverse psychic abilities can be. It changes your perspective. It changes you. And to be able to share that with others is an incredible gift.

Think you need to be an experienced psychic or medium to participate in a psychic circle? Absolutely not. You’re welcome here just as you are. Our psychic circles are safe spaces to be in at all times, and they are designed to help you…

…tap into who you truly are.

…awaken your intuition.

…realize and surrender to your own psychic abilities.

…ask the questions you’re too scared to ask in front of others.

…explore yourself.

Come with no shame, guilt, or judgment, and just rock your authentic self. There’s no such thing as a stupid or trivial question. It’s a place of respect and understanding. 

What questions to ask as a Psychic Circle:

As a psychic circle is ultimately about you, you can ask anything that you want to ask. From your professional life to relationships, family, health, and travel, it’s important that you feel comfortable enough to dive into those deep questions you’ve been yearning to answer. The questions can all have the same theme. Such as all 3 questions have to do with life’s purpose. Or they can be all different. One about love, one about career and one about psychic abilities. You can also ask about your community, especially when there is unrest.

However, don’t ask questions that you don’t want the answer to. This tip is crucial to your happiness.

Ultimately, it’s important that your questions are authentic. This is why we walk you through the guided meditation and visualization exercise. I want to get you deep into a state of flow so that you’re able to allow your intuition and own psychic abilities to take over.

In this way, you’ll be able to let questions come to the surface whose answers will be able to most impactfully move you and shift the trajectory of your life.

You can also ask a question to see if you’re on the right track or off base. Are you seeing the situation clearly? If you’re getting a psychic ping, you might ask a question to verify if it’s correct or if it’s your ego. These types of questions are great as a reality check and to provide you with some perspective.

If you can’t think of any questions, don’t worry! That’s when you can ask, “Are there any messages from the spirit guides or spirits around me?” Or you can ask, “Is there anything the Universe wants me to know?”

This is a great space to explore who your spirit guides are. What do they have to say to you in the present? Are there any ancestors around you? This adds a level of flexibility when asking questions.

Our last tip regarding questions in a psychic circle is to be flexible. The energy changes immensely when you’re in the circle with others. So, come prepared with questions but be open to letting your intuition and the energy of others guide you to where you need to be guided.

What makes the Psychic Circle Unique:

Our psychic circles are truly unique. Each one offers a one-of-a-kind experience that can only be described as divine and magical due to the unique nature of the session.

What makes them so unique? It’s the ability to be vulnerable in the space and ask questions without any specificity. The guided meditation, which will be based upon a tarot card drawn just before the session begins, allows us to create a unique space buzzing with energy that benefits us all.

From the guided meditation to the visualization exercise to the unique way in which we’re able to feed off of each other’s intuition, Lily of the Light psychic circles are truly unique. This gives attendees the opportunity to grow and validate their gifts.

Do you need more than a psychic circle:

When should you get a follow up session? Sometimes there is a lot to unpack with a question or two. If you are deep into your spiritual or healing journey then you’ll know that there is often a lot that comes up at varying stages of your journey.

If that’s the case, then we’d suggest that you come in for a one-on-one session so that we can give a certain topic the attention that it deserves.

Likewise, if you benefitted from the psychic circle but can’t seem to move past an issue, it might be because it’s shed light onto an area where you’re still hurting and needing to heal. That is more than okay. I am here for you in those moments.

If you feel like there are unanswered questions, or questions that you know the answers to but can’t seem to solve in your mind and heart, it makes sense to schedule a one-on-one psychic services session to handle the issue head on.

Sign up for the next Psychic Circle today!

Whenever we ask others about their psychic circle experience, their response is always simple: “Do it!” As I say, “When in doubt, try it out.” 

If you’ve been thinking about joining a psychic circle or feel called to participate in one with like-minded people who care about creating a safe space for you then do it. Following your intuition will bring nothing but good.

Go ahead. Honor your gifts. Sign up for a psychic circle today.