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If you are looking for answers to some lingering questions in your life, a psychic or medium may be able to help through holistic treatment methods. While not all psychics are mediums and all mediums are not psychics, there can be traces of both on some level.

At Lily of the Light, we provide both psychic and medium services to clients seeking clarity in their lives. While clarity can come in many ways, we can help you find it through holistic guidance.

What is a Psychic:

Psychics are able to access truths otherwise unknown them to them through the use of at least one of the Clairs. Clairs are psychic abilities utilizing the senses and there are multiple variations including Clairvoyant (sight), Clairaudient (sound), Clairgustance (taste), Clairalient (smell), Clairsentient (touch), and Claircognizant (knowing). Psychic sessions can include tarot readings and other techniques. I lovingly call myself a Swiss army psychic because I have every psychic ability except clairaudient. 

Each of these Clairs brings its own set of abilities, tools, and belief systems that can combine to bridge the gap between question and answer. 

An important thing to remember, the media, movies, TV get it wrong. All the time. It’s cringe worthy. Most abilities don’t work at all like the mainstream shows it. That’s all Hollywood. While the real deal may not be as dramatic and flashy I’d argue it’s way better.

*If you’re looking for psychic development email me at to learn more about training and mentorship programs.

What to expect in a Psychic session:

Your session is what you make of it. You should look at it as an opportunity to delve deeper into pressing questions regarding your life. It is important to listen to what your psychic reader discusses, as they can pick up on many different things, some of which you may not even be on your radar. Any intuitive or sacred messages that come through during the session are discussed to better help you on your path.

It is important to remember that it may take time for the reader’s interpretation to truly resonate with you. Their reading may not seem like the answer you are looking for, but later manifest into the clarity you sought. Which is usually followed by a Holy Shit moment. 

With accuracy of a reading I just want to tell you timing is a real bitch. The Universe is infinite and has no time, that is an earthbound human construct.

Choice, Chance and Change, the 3 C’s are the things that can shift the future. If ever something didn’t happen or wasn’t accurate, ask yourself if any of the 3 C’s occurred. Odds are at least one did. That will alter the reading and your future.

Things not to ask a psychic:

When am I (or someone else) going to die?

Is my partner cheating?

Is my partner happy?

How to manipulate or force others. 

Remember that this session is about you, not those around you. Psychics are used to help find clarity for you. It’s also unethical to dig around in someone’s energy without their consent.

Refrain from asking “prove it” questions. I’m not here to prove anything to you. I’m here to help you, in any way I can. So “What’s my middle name?” will be ignored. 

Lastly, you don’t always get told what you want to hear. Some truths are hard to swallow, don’t make them any less true. With this, if you don’t want the answer, don’t ask the question. Because it might not be the answer you want. It might be your fault and if you can’t handle hearing that, don’t ask the question.

What is a Medium:

The easiest way to describe a medium is that it’s a person who has the ability to communicate with spirits. Oh but it’s so much more than that. Psychic abilities will determine how to communicate with them. There are also way more variations of spirits than people acknowledge. Seriously broaden that scope! There is an alarming amount of help if you’re open to it. 

A medium connects and communicates with those who have passed, humans, ancestors and animals alike. Mediums can also communicate with ascended masters, spirit and animal guides. As well as angels, ghosts and other entities. The person who connects is called a medium; the act of connecting is called mediumship. This can assist with clarity and closure. It can also provide much needed healing. These sessions are beautifully moving and impactful.

What to expect in a Mediumship session:

I will utilize my psychic abilities in mediumship sessions. An example is I use my clairvoyance to see spirits and my claircognizance to communicate with them. 

For mediumship it’s important to remember this isn’t Dial the Dead, no one can force a connection. The person you may want to speak to, may not come through. However the majority of the time, when the intention is set to connect with a specific entity (person, animal or guide) it happens. But it’s not a guarantee. I will send out a net of energy and connect with anything that responds for you to talk to.

Remote Option:

 Lily of the Light is proud to offer remote psychic and medium services for clients. Relax in the comfort of your own home while receiving a remote psychic/medium session. This can be done over the phone or video, in 30 or 60 min increments, or by email setting up an appointment time so you are aware the session is taking place and the questions you want answered, after which you will receive a detailed email of messages from the Universe and spirits.

These services are also available as Psychic Parties! Learn More

Host a Party:

Are you hosting a party or simply want to have a psychic and tarot reading with all of your closest friends? I can come to your home or venue and perform your readings there. While each session is one-on-one, it is often wonderful to have the support and encouragement of your loved ones during this process.

To schedule a party email:

Services Pricing Table

1 Hour Session: $175

Choose up to 3 services.  *Past Life work takes the full hour

30 Min Session: $89

 Choose up to 2 services. *Past Life work takes a full hour

15 Min Session: $49

 Choose 1 services. *Past Life work takes a full hour

Parties/Events: $150-200 base (Depending on location)