Reiki/Intuitive Energy Healing

What is Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki is one of the many modalities/techniques of energy healing. There are far more similarities in energy healing than differences. These modalities were around for centuries before they were ever documented. Energy healing can be found in countless cultures and traditions as well as belief systems. Currently Reiki is the most well known modalities of energy healing. 

Reiki and any other form of energy healing can assist with any aspect of your life. Physical, mental, emotional, and of course spiritual. It really is a versatile modality. It can be done in person, hands on or hovering, it can also be done remotely.

All energy healing modalities connect to the Universe or Source. The practitioner moves and balances the energy. 

This service is also a great energetic diagnostic. While doing a session using Reiki the energy could be blocked and you discover it’s a past life or ancestral issue. Then you’re able to heal the root cause, not just the symptoms that may be manifesting energetically.

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What to Expect in a Reiki and Energy Healing session:

Everything an ordinary Reiki session has and more! Experience your energy being cleansed and balanced in this in depth healing. Utilizing 4 energy healing modalities; Reiki, Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing, Theta Healing, and Munay Ki to relax and rejuvenate. Hands on or hovering over the body or remotely, moving energy, and energizing the chakras. While cleansing the auric field. It’s the process of charging and clearing the auras and chakras with Light. Energy is channeled into the body in progressive steps. The intuitive messages that came through during the session are shared at the end allowing you the opportunity to ask questions and receive clarity. Aromatherapy and healing stones specifically selected for what you need in the present moment for an in person session.

Reiki and most healing modalities are a subtle art, these subtleties can have profound results. It’s important to know some issues do take a long time to heal, if they are complex, rooted in many parts of your being or have been happening for a long time. You aren’t going to feel self confident after one session if you’ve struggled with self hatred since puberty. Be patient with your healing process.

In an energy healing session I use all the modalities fluidly. Utilizing my intuition and psychic ability to know which needs to be used for the client in the present moment. Interchanging techniques and style when needed to best serve my client. This makes for a truly integrative session.

Who can Reiki help?

If you can think of it, energy healing can be done to it. Past, present, future, living, animal, inanimate objects, spaces big and small all of them yes. Energy healing is for everyone. It can also be done anywhere. 

There are a few people who should get Reiki that are forgotten a lot of times. Children, they absolutely can benefit from energy healing. Vets, I’ve had several clients who were war vets over the years and they all, every single one has benefitted from having energy and spiritual work done. Animals, fur, feathers, scales no matter the size, shape or breed, yes please. Animals are amazing to work with, they process energy so differently. Elderly people need energy work, especially if they’re passing. It releases the barriers keeping them here and has them go with grace, peace and dignity. 

There are physical benefits to energy work as well. This is to assist and enhance your health. Reiki and energy healing can help to relieve chronic and acute pain as well as physical ailments. Stress release and relaxation. I’ve had long time clients with migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis and similar conditions come in to get relief. These sessions help people manage their conditions and achieve peace of mind.

Reiki assists with a number of ailments. To be clear it’s not a cure all or substitute, it’s the extra oomph to get you over the hump. It can help with weight loss, blood pressure, injuries, and mental health. Overall wellbeing, trauma, clearing and releasing are all good reasons to come in for a session. It can help with almost anything really. Which is why it’s used around the world. 

*Disclaimer, I’m not a doctor. I will treat the energetic and spiritual manifestations and causes. Nothing replaces a doctor, prescription or treatment plan! 

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What to Avoid:

You shouldn’t expect a miracle. Set realistic expectations for this subtle form of healing. If you’re expecting or demanding a miracle, you’ll be disappointed with whatever actually happens during the session and no one wants that. 

It also isn’t a perfect substitute for anything. You can’t switch out Chemo for a few sessions of Reiki or that you can stop going to therapy because you’ve had one holistic session. Not how it works at all! When people come in with these expectations they are not only setting themselves up for disappointment, it could also hurt them. Reiki enhances your healing, self care and journey. It doesn’t swap it out.

You want to know how you can fuck up a session? When the practitioner released the toxic, imbalance or unwanted energy. You reach out and grab it! Just let it go. You say you want to get rid of something and we assist you in doing just that and then you hold onto it for dear life. Not the best life choice.

*I want you to have the best session possible while also breaking the myths that are preventing you from healing. You’re amazing and deserve healing. Let me help.

Remote Option:

Relax in the comfort of your own home while receiving a remote energy healing. This can be done over the phone or video, in 30 or 60 min increments, or by email setting up an appointment time so you are aware the healing is taking place, after which you will receive detailed email of what energies were encountered and messages the Universe has for you.

My school of thought is that time and space doesn’t matter when doing a session. I start by connecting to the soul or energy and then proceed with the session. It’s done with the same accuracy and effectiveness as doing it in person.

Services Pricing Table

1 Hour Session: $175

Choose up to 3 services.  *Past Life work takes the full hour

30 Min Session: $89

 Choose up to 2 services. *Past Life work takes a full hour

15 Min Session: $49

Choose 1 service. *Past Life work takes a full hour

Parties/Events: $150-200 base (Depending on location)

6 Week Intensive: $1,200

Holistic Year: $1,800