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Lily of the Light proudly presents our first annual Samhain Symposium. Join us for a full dayPagan workshops with a sprinkle of spirituality, a psychic gallery lunch option, a bonfire, and outdoor ritual. There will also be a unique mix of vendors, readers and healers, including tarot readings, reiki, artisan candles, and more. And don’t forget there will be many psychic mediums present delivering messages from the Universe and lost loved ones. The focus will be on sharing knowledge and building up the community in a supportive quirky environment. So don’t miss this spiritual Samhain Symposium!


A diverse offering of readers, healers and vendors. Including artisan candles, tarot reading, reiki and more.

Follow the link below to submit to be a vendor!

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Lunch & Psychic Gallery

 All lunch options include a ticket to the psychic gallery. Multiple psychic mediums delivering messages from loved ones and the Universe.  

Croissant Club

Grilled Veggie Wrap

Chicken Cobb Salad


Events like this are made possible by the generosity of sponsors, helping us build community. If you would like to take part in this all-day event, become a sponsor, wish to donate, or would like more information, contact us or send an email to We hope to see you there! 

There are a variety of sponsor opportunities:

Bronze: Includes your organization’s logo and link on event website. Logo in the event program. Special mention in event newsletter. Cost: $200

Silver: Includes everything in bronze sponsorship and special mention on social media highlighting your organization, a minimum of 2 posts prior to the event and another post during the event.  Cost: $300

Gold: Includes everything from silver sponsorship and a 15 min interview posted to social media (including Youtube and Facebook) highlighting your organization. 1 admission ticket.

Platinum: Includes everything from gold sponsorship and a vendor booth at the Samhain Symposium. 2 admissions tickets.

No amount is too small, if you wish to donate.

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2 tracks of diverse programming all day and outdoor workshops.

Pagan and spiritual workshops, rituals are welcome, indoor and outdoor. Follow link below to submit programming. 

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COVID Protocols

No event is risk free. We strive to make this event as safe as possible. Currently (March 2022) vaccine card or negative Covid test 72 hours prior to event. Masks optional.

The situation is ever evolving. This section will be updating as things change, hopefully for the better.

What is Samhain?

Samhain is an ancient harvest Celtic festival that celebrates a new year and the beginning of winter. This ancient Pagan Festival came before Halloween. In fact, most of the population are unaware that trick-or-treating and dressing up in Halloween costumes really originated with Samhain, an ancient, three-day Celtic Pagan festival. The Celts believed that the new year began during the start of winter in November.

Around 2,000 years ago, in Celtic Ireland, Samhain was noted as the division of a year, between summer, which was the lighter half, and the winter, which was the darker half. The new year was ushered in signaling a time of rebirth and death. This was especially symbolic as it coincided with the bountiful harvest season coming to an end and a cold, dark winter season ahead that would present many challenges.

To understand what Samhain is all about, it is important to recognize how the year’s calendar is structured and how it affects the Celtic’s religious practices. According to experts, a lot of modern pagan practice focuses on what most refer to as the “wheel of the year”, which in Celtic worship is a major determining factor.

As mentioned, the Celtic year is divided by the light and dark halves of the seasons, which are demarcated by two of the four annual festivals. In between, ceremonies or rituals were celebrated to mark solstices (the shortest or longest nights) and equinoxes (when the days and nights are equal). The fire festival known as Samhain marks the start of the year’s dark half that takes place between “the autumn equinox” and “winter solstice”.

Some believe that the veil between our worlds is blurred during this Samhain festival, meaning the other world of the Gods visible to humankind. Not to mention that spirits and ghosts of the dead from the otherworld return to walk the earth during Samhain.