What people are saying about Energy Work and more!

When Lily came into my home it had a feeling of uncomfortability and unrest after challenging things happened at home. She came in and asked me about what I would be comfortable with and to let her know if I felt uncomfortable at any point.

As we went through my home she explained what she was feeling about each room and helped cleanse the room. When she finished my home felt much more at ease and me in it. I would recommend Lily’s services to anyone who asked or showed interest in her specialities. It is now several months later and I can still feel that things are at peace thanks to Lily’s work.

- Kelsey W. 30, Minneapolis MN

I have done a lot of work with Lily. One of my favorite sessions was the Animal Totem. The experience was eye opening and extremely insightful. I have been able to utilize what I learn in my everyday life.

- Sarah W. 26, Eden Prairie MN

Lily was amazing. I have not felt this calm and centered since I can remember. 

-Amanda B.

Lily was very professional and clear about her role. I enjoyed the experience. 

-Debbie R.

Lily is a skilled and intuitive healer. I always feel so much better after her treatments. I can not recommend her enough. 

-Cassandra R

I have seen Lily for years and have always been so pleased with her abilities. She is extremely talented, whether she is leading a meditation on learning about your animal totems, (which is truly amazing) or if she is moving your energy. (I have felt blockages dissolve like melting butter.) She helped me connect with loved ones who have passed and brought a much greater understanding to my relationship with those loved ones.

I would highly recommend Lily for any type of energy work.

- Karen V. 54, Hastings MN

Lily is an incredibly gifted reader and energy worker. Her energy work for me is more effective than conventional western medicine.


Very relaxing & Enjoyed lilies input about gallbladder surgery. 

-Lee N.

Lily is an incredibly gifted teacher and healer. I have received guidance and energy work from her on several occasions. I am always impressed by her professionalism and passion for her work. I would recommend Lily for anyone seeking spiritual guidance and energy work. 

-Abbey M.