A commonly asked question from pet owners is; when to get a session for their pet. The big one is change, of any kind, a move, death, shift, divorce, someone moved in, new pet. Something that your pet now has to get used to and adjust their energy. To ease this, get a session. Have the new energy integrated with your pet’s. Another great time is if there is something going on with the pet itself, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. Such as anxiety or they start peeing in the house. And if something is going on that needs surgery, pre and post op sessions, if your pet is going to the vet for some intensive work, level up the healing and get them a session. This will ease pain and minimize suffering, it also curbs the fear and anxiety, no one likes having surgery animals included. 

It can be beneficial to get your new adopted pet a session. This can help them transition into the new home and situation, heal from the past and give the parents insight into what happened to the pet prior to adoption. It can also shed light on any habits or paradigms the pet has that the parents should be aware of to make the pet’s life easier and less stressful especially during that crucial transition period into the home. Some pets go through a lot before adoption and for parents to simply be aware can help the pet immensely. Please keep in mind this is about the pets comfort and experience. Not about the parents knowing everything that happened, there isn’t going to be a biography length of information. It’s about the pet.

Another time to get a session for your pet is when they are about to pass. This is an incredibly sensitive time for everyone involved including the animal. The goal is to make this as peaceful and painless as possible. This type of session isn’t about healing, it’s about preparing your pet and the family. Pets who have this kind of session pass with grace and dignity. We address any pain or fear they are experiencing and explain what is going on, in case the pet is unaware. This is also the time that the family hears any messages the pet has for them or wants them to know. In turn it gives the family a chance to express their feelings and the pet an opportunity to respond. If the pet has any final request, this is the time to do them. I helped a dog pass and he needed the furniture moved for his last days because his mobility was gone. He couldn’t function in the space and the family didn’t know he was in so much pain. We moved the furniture and he was able to be closer to the family before passing because of it. The goal is to have your pet be as comfortable as possible, to know that they are loved and honor their wishes. 

If you have scheduled your pet to be put down an option is to schedule a remote session at the same time and the healer will be there with your pet to assist in the transition. I’ve done this several times with pets, the parents let me know when it’s happening and schedule a session and then I’m present, energetically, to ease the pet’s final moments. This can also help the family, knowing they did everything they could to ensure their pet had the best transition possible. 

And the other option for the best time for animal session is, anytime. Sometimes it’s just nice to be healed, and pampered. Want to give your pet a special gift, schedule a session. Everyone likes a little extra love and relaxation, your pet is the same way. 

Another question pet owners have is about multiple pets. What happens if you have 3 dogs that all want a session? I’m comfortable with multiple pets as long as I know it going in. And sometimes the others will have to wait their turn in another room so they don’t interrupt another pet’s session. I’ve had that happen where a dog will come and sit on their brother mid session and just say “My turn now” and not move until they get their healing. If it’s an on site (in your home) session I can do up to 3 animals in 1 session. Any more and it can get a little daunting for me. Remote sessions are the same, multiple animals are fine and I can do more than 3 remotely. I can take a break if I need to, or cleanse myself before the next pet.

This article is meant to lay out the possible times for an animal session for your pet and what options are available to you and your family. Just like any soul it’s not one size fits all. Figure out what works best for each pet and honor that.